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Zenoc F. Hernandez

Screenwriter Networking

So, I am working on a new concept for a webseries I wanna shoot, but was wondering whats the best way to connect with screenwriters to work with? and is there resources I can turn to? I am thinking it would be better to have a screenwriter flesh out the script.

Beth Fox Heisinger

Well, you've certainly come to the right place, Zenoc. Perhaps connect by engaging and joining the many conversations happening within the craft and business forums, network with lots of screenwriters. Or perhaps utilize the Connect feature and search our membership by location/occupation: Reach out to specific screenwriters and/or view their posted loglines/screenplays. Or perhaps post on the Jobs board: That's where members post various "want ads" or searches for creative partners, paid or not paid. :) I hope that helps. Best to you and welcome to Stage 32!

Zenoc F. Hernandez

Thanks much beth! I appreciate your help ( ^-^)b

Regina Lee

If you're aiming for web series, perhaps try to Google YouTube best practices, YouTube Creator Academy, and similar topics. Break a leg!

Aray Brown

You can make a post on the jobs section to find writers

Max Malik

Or you can go to the screenwriters section on this site and post. I am a writer myself. Hit me up if you are interested, I would love to hear your concept.

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