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Screenwriting : Screenwriter help by Maurice Robinson

Maurice Robinson

Screenwriter help

I need someone to help me write a screenplay on voluntarily bases. How would go about doing this?

Izzibella Beau

I think you could probably post it in the job opportunities section, just list as unpaid and credit will be given once complete. Or you could reach out to fellow screenwriters in your network.

Maurice Robinson

Thank you for the info Izzibella

Craig D Griffiths

Also be very clear on what you mean. Help can be so broad. Have you written it and just need assistance? Are you have plot problems? Do you just have an idea? Hope that helps.

Al Hibbert

If you want 'help', a writers group could fill that role. I know some people don't like writer's groups, but, sometimes they can give you some good feed back.

Dan MaxXx

Throw $$$

Al Hibbert

Dan- I was going to say that, but I thought I'd leave that one to you- ha ha

William Martell

I would consider looking for someone's completed screenplay rather than trying to get them to write your story for no money.

Michael Wearing

Sorry Maurice you describe yourself as a screenwriter, why don't you want to write it yourself?

LindaAnn Loschiavo

Question for MAURICE: How many screenwriters have you helped "on a voluntary basis" -- and what was the outcome?

Joe Fiserano

I can guarantee you that no one will ever buy your idea even if it was one of the projects you mentioned. You write Super bad and it makes big bucks and you could maybe, I repeat, maybe get a check for your hang over pitch. And that is if you absolutely blow everybody's mind during the meeting. Do Paranormal Activity and Insidious, then yeah, you'll get a check on the way out if you pitch the conjuring. As for the help, free resources are your biggest help. There are a ton of free videos on youtube about how to write screenplays. Also you can download hundreds of scripts for free. But helping you voluntarily, hell no. Nobody's gonna do that. You need to put in the effort first. Not just help me, no. Write it, work hard and there will be people willing to take a look at the first few pages to help you out. That's the biggest help you will get "voluntarily."

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