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Scott Evans

Script reviews online

I went on so that I could review some scripts but when I try and register I get the following message: Registration is closed on this board Has anyone else had this issue? Can anyone recommend another good site for reviewing scripts and submitting your own?

Anthony Cawood

If you submit your own scripts to SimplyScripts they'll set you up with message board access, I think they'll give you access if you just email them... it's I'm on there, a very active community of writers and a good place to get feedback. Anthony

Scott Evans

Thank you Anthony. I will drop them an email

Scott Evans

I've got a script of my own. I am moving onto the second draft now and I am looking for those I could do an exchange with, feedback wise. I am just starting to network on this site as of today and simplyscripts looked a good option also.

Anthony Cawood

I'm active on here, but more so on SimplyScripts because it is specifically dedicated to screenwriting, I've learnt a ton from the writers over there... message me and I'll take a look at your script if you want to do a swap.

Scott Evans

Hello I would be happy to do a script swap. I'd like to implement the changes I have in mind for the second draft before I send it to you (I'll have this done next week. I already have a group of actors and a podcaster waiting on the redraft so I've got to get it done quickly) but thanks for the offer. However, if you got one you would like feedback on, feel free to send it to me, or wait until mine is ready. At the moment I am downloading movie scripts to read on my Kindle. It is definitely a good way to fill in gaps on the script writing process. I've emailed SimplyScripts btw, so hopefully will get registered there.

Pierre Langenegger

There's also which is Francis Ford Coppola's site. You can do reviews there as well as posting your own material for reviews.

Scott Evans

Thank you Pierre, I will check that out. I've got myself on Simplyscripts, so thanks for the help. I am working on my second draft, and I hope to get the script uploaded soon.

Kimberly Kaplan

Sylvia Marie Llewellyn

Hi Scott... if there's a particular produced script you'd like to read... just let me know... and I'll send it over to you. Best, Sylvia

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