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James Hoey

Script to Graphic Novel

Hey folks! Wondering if anyone out here has had the experience of taking a script and converting it to a graphic novel. Would love to chat about your experience with the process and even pick up a few pointers. On its face it seems pretty straightforward, but once I dive into the template and try to imagine the panels and illustrations it starts to get pretty curvy.

Nick Assunto - Stage 32 Script Services Coordinator

I've been researching this myself. You'll have to convert it into the graphic novel template where each page of the document is a page of the novel. You describe up to 8 panels and then put the dialogue in. It'll probably a lot of trimming, and then you have to really take over as the director to describe the panels. I imagine, anyway. I've only looked into it, haven't tried it yet.

Dan MaxXx

I took Greg Pak's comic book seminar (Greg has written for DC, Marvel, Star Wars, James Bond, John Wick).

James Hoey

Thank you all. I will look into the seminar. It’s not so much using a template, that’s the easy part. It’s just a very different writing style. I’ve done novel and short story writing, switched to screenwriting several years ago, but none of that really involves the visual part on the page. I’m looking to find the way to effectively cut down the content to a few panels, balance spoken word with narrative, and have a good flow of panels, pictures, and story without filling each panel with text. I’ve done it a few times with the first 15 pages but I just don’t like how it looks, or how I imagine it would work.

John Ellis

How are you gonna get the art done?

Doug Nelson

Are you a storyboard artist? Watch a film titled Coraline - the storyboards were colorized and compiled into a short novel. Don't know if that's what you have in mind.

James Hoey

Hey John. I have a couple of companies lined up to do the artwork once we get to that point.

John Ellis

Ah. I've looked a few companies, too, but don't have the resources.for that!

Craig D Griffiths

I have heard a few Comic Book writers say the film scripts don’t translate well. One point they make, is that films are a show don’t tell format.

Comics are tell and save on panels.

James Hoey

Hey Greg! Spreading out the story isn’t an issue, I had been working on novelizing the script and first season. Again, very different way to present information. Just looking to chat with someone on how to know when too much is too much, or too little is too little. Read comics all my life, doesn’t mean I can do it. Ugh.

Dan MaxXx

What's your plan of distribution/selling the graphic novel?

James Hoey

Hi Dan MaxXx . Initially we're going to go with some local comic shops. We were going to get into some local comic cons, but frankly we doubt that it will be a possibility even this coming Spring. When we get to that point we will have to look at some options for online distribution. It's going to depend on how much funding we gather. There are a number of online distributions we are starting to look at. Most of that has been put on hold pending my ability to effectively convert the scripts into graphic novels. Until I complete the first issue (story and such) we won't launch a campaign for funding. Funding will determine how many issues we can run and where to put them.

Michael Khamis

Hi James this is something I have also been thinking of doing. Are you doing your own illustrations? I found that is too much work for me. Are you planning on doing it all in one issue? As far as funding goes, have you heard about a website called Kickstarter? It’s worth looking into. I believe you put the first issue online and you post a little something about yourself and you get crowd funding. I only just learned about it the other day

Richard P. Alvarez

Took a short film script, turned it into a feature script, turned that into a graphic novel, turned THAT back into a different feature script. Here's the 10 minute story on how that went.

James Hoey

Hey Michael Khamis sadly I am no illustrator. There are a couple of companies that I have been speaking with that will do the illustrations. Once I have the writing part done we will be doing mockups and a "storyboard" issue as a proof of concept for fundraising.

James Hoey

Hi Richard P. Alvarez I am going to most definitely be looking at that! Thank you!

Phil Mitchell

Yes I went from a 120 page script to a 260 page novel. it took 8 months and I was able to put a lot more into to the story. Things I couldn't put into 120 restricted script. Available on Amazon The Rhombus.

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