Screenwriting : Selling your screenplay by Laura Manning

Laura Manning

Selling your screenplay

After sending your script to a producer to read, how long does it usually take for them to get back to you? In general.

Kerry Douglas Dye

If at all.

Stephanie Joyce

I would agree with Kathryn. And if you want a Sales Agent to read your script to get distribution attached??? -I had to wait 5 months. Stay optimistic because Producers and Production Companies are always working on the projects that get them paid NOW, first. If you're impatient and show it (even if you have a killer script), they won't read it as they will start to think you are difficult to work with.

Danny Manus

Depends on the connection that got it into the company. if an out of the box submission or request - meaning a contest, pitchfest, online or random cold query, it will be a good 4-6 weeks most likely.

Royce Allen Dudley

Once a producer is aware of a script and there is no rush to option it, they may sniff about and think about it. Before they pass. Which can take a while. If you have entre with a company, you can get an honest answer... maybe a a few days. But things happen and then you may get a month after the few days. A lot is going on in the kitchen just trying to get one tasty dish made and served.

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