Screenwriting : Setbacks and Keeping Motivated by Shane M Wheeler

Shane M Wheeler

Setbacks and Keeping Motivated

So, my laptop has been dead for the past four weeks, and it's what I use for the majority of my writing. The holidays put significant delay on getting it repaired, and after paying for repair/diagnosis, I ordered a new AC adapter- only for it to arrive broken, and find out the DC in is ALSO broken. The point is, these past few weeks I've been seething at being kept from writing and revising all sorts of things, and finding out today that it's going to be an even longer wait is driving me nuts, especially in light of recent coverage and books that let me know I need to revise just about everything I've ever written. So, on the verge of breakdown, figure I'll try to spin a negative into a positive with a post. Anyone want to share some stories of their own setbacks and what they did to get past them and stay motivated?

Tony Cella

I handwrite a great deal, moreso my prose than screenwriting. Jotting down quick lines of dialogue or scene ideas keeps the brain focused on the creative process. Watching comedy films lifts my mood as well.

Jean-Pierre Chapoteau

I accidently baked my laptop in the oven. 1 year later I found out my hard drive was still in tact and I was able to retrieve all my work. I still use the hard drive until this day. :-)

Niksa Maric

I make backup copy of all documents once a week, usually on Monday on External Hard Drive. You won't lose much, depending how much do you write on daily bases.

Liz Warner

Jean-Pierre, there must be a great story behind that...or at least a good commercial for the HD manufacturer!

Shane M Wheeler

I'll be able to retrieve the information. The frustration is more in having my time/ability to write greatly impacted at a time I've been feeling heavily inspired. On the upside, it's been forcing me to read these books on screenwriting more thoroughly.

Liz Warner

Try taking the PDF that you ever-so-diligently backed up and revert it to the screenwriting software. Turned out, it was faster to retype the script. Yikes, what a bad memory!

Simon © Simon

I think you hit the nail on the head when you stated that due to your computer not working you have been reading and realize the mistakes that need to be addressed. Keep reading until you get it back. Like in between jobs is the time to be a steward to your craft and tools. When the door closes do not dwell on it, for you may not see the open window.

Hans Nielsen

Sounds like it is time to pull out the old paper and pen........remember those items of yesteryear

Shane M Wheeler

Just got my laptop situation fixed, and I have a huge stack of napkins and notecards to go through. Time to get cracking!

Simon © Simon

Shane, That is funny, this last movie I just © was an idea in my head from vacation. I was out in the car waiting for my GF and wrote the movie on both sides of a 3x5 notepad. No dialogue only scenes and premise. I had thought I had written the movie already, when it came time to finish it up. But I had not and it was only my imagination and minds eye that had done any writing. So I had to take those 4 pages or 8 for both sides and crack open Celtx and get crackin on it too. I gotta get a battery for my Laptop...Well I tried but was sent the wrong amps twice in a row, otherwise I usually keep it with me to type something out.

Shawn Speake

I feel your pain, Shane. So glad you got your baby back! Write on, my man!

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