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Ben Johnson Jr.

Short film scripts

I'm looking for about 10 really awesome, already produced and proven successful screenplays to study as prep to write my new short. Where can I access those or does anyone have one they'd like to share or reference that they've read?

Philip Sedgwick

Watch a bunch of successful shorts. What was shot may differ from the script. Check out "The Curfew," "Carrier."

Ben Johnson Jr.

Thank you will, check out the site.

Erik Grossman

I'd take a look (though finding the scripts might be hard) at some of the really successful independent "teasers". Things like MORTAL KOMBAT: REBIRTH, DIRTY LAUNDRY, PORTAL: NO ESCAPE.

Ben Johnson Jr.

Thanks so much John. I realize watching shorts are a way of getting to grips with them but the script takes me back to the seed, the writer's mind, I'll get to see the words that inspired them to make the pictures.

Ben Johnson Jr.

Simply scripts are featuring a short this month so thanks again for the tip John

Ben Johnson Jr.

John, you sir, are a gentleman and a scholar.

Bill Costantini

Just for fun/cinema history/inspiration, also might want to view the classic short films on Youtube: + Un Chien Andalou by Luis Bunuel and Salvador Dali. Bunuel later went on to international acclaim with his features, and Dali is of course, Dali. That short film is so cool. + George Melies short film classic from 1902, A Trip to the Moon + All of Man Ray's short film classics All of these short films emphasize to writers the importance of imagery, (sometimes) music and sounds, and timing, and how these elements are so important to eliciting feelings. Spike Jonez first short film How They Get There is on Youtube, also....there is no dialogue in that cool-ass short....just images, timing and music/sounds. Anyone in the world can watch that and be moved by it. FOR SHORT SCRIPTS - If you go to the website.....on their homepage is a link to the 50 short film scripts...and the 50 short films as well. has a nice link page on its site to a bunch of cool short scripts elsewhere. Zoetrope is also a source, and I think is, too. Good luck and Happy Writing, Bro!

Ben Johnson Jr.

Great suggestions thanks so much

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