Screenwriting : That Momemt by Robert Bond

Robert Bond

That Momemt

That Great moment when you finish your final draft of your screen play. And get ready to submit to the WGA.

Shawn Speake

Make sure you burn a hard copy and sign and date the title page. You'll get a kick out of it years from now. Are you posting your story on your page for feedback from your peers?

Robert Bond

@Shawn I don't need feedback. I just look at script just being a guide line to the rest of the production process.

Jean-Pierre Chapoteau

@ Robert, can you elaborate? I don't get that.

Shawn Speake

I heard that, Robert. I only asked because I went to your page to check out your story. Congrats again.

Kerry Douglas Dye

Ayup. Mazel tov.

Boomer Murrhee

It's a good feeling. Congrats Robert.

Beth Fox Heisinger

"FADE OUT" Ahh, ain't it the best?! Congratulations, Robert!

Robert Bond

@Jean_Pierre The day of the shoot with cast and crew. That script will change for example. The actor may suggest something and we will shoot it and might be better than the script. Or the Actor might do something by accident and better then the script. The Script is not set in stone it's just a rough guide line to what we film. I hope you get what I'm talking about. @Alle Segretti Well I rather protect my ideas for $20. Then not at all.

Shelley Stuart

Then file it with the US Copyright office for $35 instead. If you end up needing the protection, you'll get far and above what you need with USCO; things that the WGA registration does not provide. Like the right to sue for your legal fees. (Not provided by the WGA reg.) And if you don't have that, a lawyer probably won't even bother to take your case.

Anthony Cawood

@Dan - I fourth it

Robert Bond

@Lisa Thanks. @Dan Good to know.

Michael Eddy

Robert - maybe I'm misinterpreting your comment about seeing the script as a "guideline to the rest of the production process". Too early for you to play into the game and downgrade the importance of the writer. It all starts with the word. Don't sell yourself short. Granted - your "final draft" is not the shooting script (if you're lucky enough to reach that plateau), but no one comes on board until you commit your story/words to paper. It begins (and ends) with the screenplay. If it ain't on the page - ain't no stage...

Ruby Kleinschmidt

Celebrate all victories. Getting from fade in to fade out is a victory!!



Cynthia Garbutt

To me, its just like when I was a designer for 15 years and drafted construction documents for buildings, we all worked like crazy drawing and writing specs, up until the date bids are open. Then during construction, there are changes and revisions and additional drawings are made and sent to the general contractor. It's never done until the client moves in - and sometimes even then.

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