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Nkosi Guduza

The Sweep.

I don't care about polished. I just had an email, took a look at the producer (photo), then knew exactly why. We (I) are not coming from a garden, but coming from the trenches. I'm introducing the raw capacity of life, rather than the beautiful embrace an art buyer might take upon a promised piece of art. Why is he telling me about polished, he should identify by the writing. For instance Halle Berry is told that she is not the crack whore, but obviously she knew she was and proved Spike Lee incapable of having vision to see what's right in front of him. She then in turn took about a month without bathing. And of course that doesn't look polished, because she is going in the trenches, and that's why she makes the performance, which of course enhances her ability so that she can do it in Monster's Ball - 'Make Me Feel Good'. I'm tired of producers that act like this is a place where we stick our feet up and (perhaps) make some money, then produce 4s or 5s and then tell the artist about being polished. I can imagine that same man (producer) swinging on a swing telling me -- (but what I am saying is) what are you, going too... and how are you going to react... when the bomb drops, right now. Are you going to tell me about polished, or are you going to want to learn. - (no question mark, because I don't want an answer - already know it). The Sweep, (Bomb) - will remove everything you think you know about life, or think you know, ESPECIALLY COMFORT (only then will you see that you was meant to be ready). My eyes are passions of FLAMES and hold not too pretentiousness, but VIVID CLARITY. Enter in at the point of what has been given too you, don't slack. FAR BEYOND, the eyes are deep. ;) p.s. this producer had / has nothing to do with Stage 32, but just proving a point ;) ya. x

Jean-Pierre Chapoteau

Yeah I don't understand what you're trying to say in your post. Halle Berry not bathing to pay a crack head? Producers wanting a script polished? I dunno...

Beth Fox Heisinger

Nkosi, I'm sorry you had a frustrating experience; we've all been there. But, perhaps what happened was a misunderstanding between you and this producer. You may not have realized it, but perhaps something you said, or something within the writing lacked a sense of clarity or lacked some perceived notion of professionalism ("polish") and the end result was a miscommunication (And, I don't mean 'you' personally. I'm saying this was unintentional). What you were trying to show/express with your craft was not clear to someone else and instead of acknowledging your part in the confusion you blame the reader/viewer/producer for "not getting it." "It's them, not me." Sorry, but this is a hard truth to accept; if the message from the artist is not clear to the audience, the fault does not lie with the audience but with the artist. ...Anyway, just breathe, take a break and come back to it later. Perhaps this did work out for the best. That producer may not have been a good fit for you or your script. :)

Donny Broussard

This post is so vague. If you want to work in this industry, then you are going to have to learn to listen and compromise. Your post is poorly written and confusing, and if your script was written in the same fashion, then the producer was being nice. I'll go the extra mile for a writer or director I'm producing for if they have passion and are willing to work and listen, but if someone approaches me with your attitude I wouldn't give him or her 5 minutes of my time. Raising financing and dealing with agencies and studios is hard work and for you to be this disrespectful towards a producer that just told you to polish your script tells me you have a long way to go before a real professional is going to be willing to work with you. good luck.

Laddie Ervin

I'd guess the producer is telling you about polish because he thinks he can't get your movie financed in its current state. The producers don't have the money, they have to go get the money from investors. If your script is ready to go, as-is, YOU can go get the money yourself and then hire a producer who will report to you. This business does not have to be "us versus them." It's a lot like dating. You need to find someone who wants what you want. Just because someone doesn't think they can get your film made, or doesn't want to be involved in your project, doesn't mean they are "wrong" or a bad person. If the answer is "no" then move on. Why waste time fixating on someone who isn't buying what you're selling? Find another buyer. Happiness and success will follow.

LindaAnn Loschiavo

Ron, thank you for the tough love post. I am taking the liberty to summarize in 3 words: "POLISH or PERISH." :-D

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