Screenwriting : Time for networking. by Boomer Murrhee

Boomer Murrhee

Time for networking.

I get the feeling I don't spend enough time on networking. I have a daily writing routine which I often struggle adhering to because life keeps popping up. However, I trudge through each day, reward myself on good days, deny myself on the nonproductive ones. I keep pushing forward with writing or research each day. Often I'm so tired after 4-6 hours on the computer to get online and try to make new connections. When I do get online, there are many conversations, but I have difficulty jumping in. I would love to hear other's opinions on how they balance writing and networking?

Sam Mann

For me, I'm still learning how to network efficiently. I try to schedule times to email and follow up with people. But often times I try to do one on one interactions as opposed to big group things. As for writing, I just do it every day and make sure other things don't get in the way of it if it can be helped.

Bill Costantini

No doubt it's tough to accomplish everything you want to do in any given day, and especially if you have a full-time job, family, friends and a social life. Something definitely has to give. Time management is the most important skill for busy people. My most efficient networking resource is Stage32. I've met/communicated with people in other areas of filmmaking - producing, directing, composing, and other fields - right here.. It's the best and most efficient resource to connect with other people and to learn how things work in all areas of cinema, television, theater and music. LinkedIn is also helpful. To me, keeping up on the business is important, too. I like to read the daily trades, like Variety, The Hollywood Reporter, IndieWire, FilmLA, Box Office Mojo, FadeIn, ScriptMag, and articles and news from the WGA, and from USC and UCLA's film schools. I also learn about producers and studios by checking out their websites.

Boomer Murrhee

Thanks, Sam and Bill for your replies. I often find myself focused solely on learning and developing the craft of writing, I neglect networking which I know will be important when it comes time to market a project. I also read the trades like Hollywood Reporter, ScriptMag, and a few others to familiarize myself with trends. Over the years, I have made several contacts on S32 which I have grown to respect and treasure. I have grown comfortable and if something comes up, I feel free to contact and listen to their perspectives. However, now I find it difficult to continue to expand my network. I read threads and have thoughts and experiences to share but since I have no credits with IMDb, I often don't put myself out there. I was wondering if others had similar experiences. Thanks again for your replies. Boomer

Aray Brown

@Boomer I'm the same way. When I first joined S32 I didn't put myself out there as much, and I know it's a vital part to the business. I didn't know how to go about it. But over the months I've gotten better (there are ways I can improve) I've posted in lounge discussions, created some of my own, conversations with a couple of people (maybe more than a couple) once you get past that awkward feeling and get past the first step ( saying Hello, nice to meet you, how are you?) it gets easier. I usually give myself an hour or two on here. then the rest of the time writing. Hope this helps :)

Jennifer DiSilvestro

I still have no balance. Do the best you can because the best laid out plans do not always work.

Linda Perkins

Balance is different for everybody. Work it out by changing your routine. There's nothing saying to spend everyday networking or take a break from writing for something else. Freeing your mind, enables you to get a fresh perspective on... When you sit behind your keyboard again, the output is amazing (networking or otherwise).

Joe Fiserano

I keep quiet and don't network at all unless I have something in return to offer, whether financial support, a script or a director etc.

Anthony Cawood

I was similar, especially when I first started as I thought 'why would anyone want my opinion, as a new, unproduced, writer'... But someone encouraged me to get involved, opinions afterall are just that and you may have very valuable insights! I'd suggest you look at the other ways you can network too, Stage 32 is obviously excellent but there are other forums (I'm very active on SimplyScripts for example), Twitter, Facebook groups etc. Of course, you need to maintain a balance, social media is a great distraction that can make you think you are working on your writing... Without actually doing any writing! On that note I'm off back to my action script!

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