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Screenwriting : Trading Script critiques by Amber DeAnn

Amber DeAnn

Trading Script critiques

I am a new member of Stage 32 and have just finished a feature drama comedy and am looking for some accomplished writers to review it for me. I am taking Lee Jessup class and she recommends this and it is a good idea. Let me know what you would like in return. Amber DeAnn

Shane M Wheeler

I might need clarification on what you consider an accomplished writer, but I'm always willing to give a read through if somebody is willing to do the same for me.

Dennis Deremer

How about we trade screenplays and give advice to each other. My partner and I wrote a comedy and need some constructive criticism.

Mark William Chambers

I'm willing to swap work as well. Email me at mwchambe1@yahoo.com

Lynn P. H. Adrian

Very interested; however, I am unclear what accomplished means: ___1) written one or more screenplays, ___2) won an award in a contest, ___3) blacklisted http://www.blcklst.com/about/, ___4) optioned/produced? Please let me know. I only qualify at #1. ladrian@greenbaynet.com

Susan Lipschutz Kaufman

John. I'm looking for coverage as well. I'd love your help. I have 4 scripts. Can go 2 at a time. Let me know.

Danny Manus

Getting feedback is great. Getting professional feedback is even greater. Love writers groups, but many are blind leading the blind. Peer feedback can often send you on the wrong track or focus on the wrong aspects that need changing. I don't do "coverage" - I do notes, but I'm happy to help. I run No BullScript Consulting.

Susan Lipschutz Kaufman

Danny. We spoke a year ago about reading my first script. You were going on a vaca with the family. I agree with you. I did that Screenwriting U for 7 months. It did help me in many ways, but being on my own has me trying to find the right support group. I'll go on your site later. Would love to work with you.

Danny Manus

I remember! Sure, would love to work with you!

Beulah Jones

Danny, I participated in webinar Loglines, Treaments,One Sheet. What is your correct email to send my Logline?

Beulah Jones

John Forrest, I am interested.

A.j. Cipolla.

I will do a script feedback exchange. Email: rosytone@mac.com

Susan Lipschutz Kaufman

I will as well.

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