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What are you working on right now?

Get any writing done over the long weekend?

Richard P. Alvarez

Made good progress on the pilot for a series set on a WWII submarine. Story is coming along - I get bogged down a bit when I stop to research a detail. Finally let go of that element in order to get the story finished. Then I'll go back and massage things - like the EXACT command the skipper gives, and whose job it is to do it.

"Don't get it right, get it written."

Anthony Moore

Working on an Animation script and 3D model for a character I created back in college. I used to write and draw an original comic strip for the school newsletter. I found a few of them in a box, now I'm recreating the character using computer animation and writing a movie based on those comic strips.

Dan Guardino

Just finished the budget for a $1.7M movie. Will be starting an adaptation today.

Martin Reese

Definitely. Getting my TV script ready.

Rosalind Winton

Finished a re-write of my feature The Postcard, just sent it in to script services, it will be really interesting because I've changed a lot, I'm looking forward to receiving their notes and feedback.

Ally Shina

My quarantine zeal to sit and write has fizzled out but I get my minimum number of words per day down. I hope to find that motivation again, I got so much done at the beginning of my country's lockdown, now.... not so much.

Shahriar Bourbour

Dan Guardino Hi Dan, would mind sharing some tips? Did you raise the money on Kickstarter, or other crowdsourcing sites? etc... --thanks & all the best

Thom Reese

Wrapped up a draft of a screenplay last week, pretty much ready for coverage on that one. Went back to another for a second draft, and have started jotting 3X5 card notes/ideas for a new screenplay.

Michael Elsey

Third pass on the novel I am working on. Then that goes out to trusted readers. After that I dive in and start writing from the screenplay treatment I had prepped and ready to go.

Michael L. Mizrahi

um-teenth draft of a pilot, then moving on.

Dan Guardino

Shahriar Bourbour. We haven't tried to raise money yet. I will send the script, pitch deck, budget, and trailer to my agent. She works for a production and has some connections to investors and executive producers.

Ryan Cho (Cho)

Currently working on a documentary feature film shoot this week, I'm part of the California unit. Will be a one-year shoot on and off, looking forward to this.

Adriana Rivera

I'm working on a rewrite for a Comedy TV Pilot. Also, working on and off on my script Quinceañera. Can't wait to finish.

HB Duran

Working on a comedy pilot and researching how to pitch.

Dorothy Harris

2 tv series, a feature, adapting one of my stageplays into a feature and searching for an agent. :-). Lol I am determined to get a writing deal or sale a script before the end of this year.

Paul Gerard Grammatico

Working on a pilot for an 8-part miniseries and a boxing screenplay.

Duncan Star-boszko

JUST got back into writing a good amount of pages each day after a long slump. Mostly working on a spec feature that is absolutely unproduceable, but hey at least I'm writing.

Chaun Lee

Hey Nick. 'Doing rewrites and going to submit to the feature contest :)

Richard Banton

A rewrite of a political/crime drama with thriller elements.

Maurice Vaughan

Nice to hear everyone's staying busy. My main project is a low-budget feature script. Horror/Action/Thriller. Correction: Three locations, but most of the script takes place at one house. Would that be considered a Contained Horror?

Cannon Rosenau

Not much over the long weekend for writing due to an epic Jenga battle in the Rosenau household. But a page at a time of my latest comedy feature: Super Seniors. Just outlined and started the script. Can't wait to dive in! How about you?

Matt Taylor

Just completed my second screenplay (drama). Strong female roles and feminist themes, like my first. Plus ghosts!

Craig D Griffiths

I am wandering up to the end of a screenplay. I am loving this world. I’ll be sad to leave.

I can rewrite, but the joy of new discovery will have gone.

Eoin O'Sullivan

Finished a complete page 1 rewrite of Banshee Awakening with Paul Lynch and have started on 2nd (writing) and 3rd (outlining) features in this trilogy.

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