Screenwriting : Which websites give best coverage and feedback? by Jisen John Ho

Jisen John Ho

Which websites give best coverage and feedback?

Which websites give the best coverage of your screenplay and page notes? I notice a lot of these companies popping up now.

Shari D. Frost

Stage 32 Happy Writers!

Danny Manus

If you're looking for page notes, that's different than coverage. coverage will give you a nice general overview. Page notes are much more specific and indepth. At No BullScript, we do page notes. come check us out

Tony Cella

Some screenwriters on here have covered my scripts for free and provided me as much, if not more insight, into the strengths and weaknesses of my work than paid coverage services. Swapping with few fellow screenwriters first and seeing how that goes.

Shane M Wheeler

The Page Awards gives you the option of coverage, and while it's been a few years, reviewing it? Good and bad. Good? Extensive, tells you who is reviewing your script, multiple pages, gives overview of how you scored and why, changes that could be made, etc. Very thorough. The Bad? Still not sure they read the entire thing.

Steven Fussell

With my other writing, I like to use Scribophile. It is a great community of writers who critique each others work. You post your work (up to 3000 words at a time -- but you can indicate if it is part of a larger work) and wait usually no longer than a week. The best thing about it is the inline critiques, other members can write straight into your work online, either making notes, editing or just writing down their reactions. I've tried posting scripts, but there are not many other script writers, so I have not had as many people willing to offer a critique as I have had with my flash fiction. So... I have a script I'm trying to polish for a competition, if anyone wants to trade a review for a review.

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