Screenwriting : Why screenwriting is a western custom? by Conrad Ekeke

Conrad Ekeke

Why screenwriting is a western custom?

Though I'm new, I realize a lot of African countries don't get a chance to show and build their talents in screenwriting. Why does it feel like it's a western custom?

Regina Lee

I wouldn't say it's a Western custom. But not every country has a commercial studio system, private film financiers, and/or government arts grants.

Tao Ryan Moua

I think it has to do with education, cultural factors and country development in terms of technology, film and television industry. In Asia for example, writing is often frown upon and disrespected.

Conrad Ekeke

That calls for hard work. But you know, talent cam waste away in such communities.

Conrad Ekeke

Thanks a million Jim. I've felt this pressure like since 13 years ago. Once anyone hears I'm from Africa, they start by avoiding my emails then turn on to complains then eventually just ignore me like forever. Thanks :)

Bill Costantini

Conrad - it might feel like a western custom to you, since today's African filmmakers grew up on western films from the Golden Age of Nigerian cinema, and from the British colonialism films that existed long before that. That type of story-telling originated thousands of years ago, and the psychology of that story-telling process is logical and naturally accepted by the human mind. It shouldn't surpise anyone that people around the world to this day respond favorably to that process. We're all the same, after all, even though we might be different in some ways, too. I understand that almost1,000 films a years are made in Nigeria. I've seen a few of them (Living in Bondage, The Figurine, and a couple others whose names I can't remember), and know that the Nigerian film industry is thriving. At least you live in an area where filmmaking is abundant. Good luck in your endeavors!

Conrad Ekeke

Thanks a million Stanley. I use Cltx, Drama Queen and Fade In. I'll do as you advised and thanks again.

Conrad Ekeke

Wow, it's like a dream come true to me, my good sir. I just sent you an email, with some details and I am interested.

Conrad Ekeke


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