Screenwriting : Windows or Apple? by Owen Mowatt

Owen Mowatt

Windows or Apple?

Looking to buy a new laptop. Never had an Apple but writers do recommend them. What do you have?

Donny Broussard

I use both platforms. I write on a Mac and edit on a PC workstation. Writing is writing. I don't think the platform is going to make you a better writer. Figure out what works best for you and your pocketbook and go with it. Good luck!

Charles Jewell

Whoa, Win 8.1 is the first great windows I have used since Win 98. But everyone has their preferences and I enjoy my Win 8.1 laptop. Course Mac's are excellent also, I am not willing to spend the money on one when my LT does what I need. I got my music (A MUST have), Final Draft and internet for research and e-mail.

Lawrence Anderson

I use Movie Magic Screenwriter on a PC platform. Works great.

Beth Fox Heisinger

MAC, of course. :)

Eric Pagan

Windows XP

Charles Jewell

Lawrence I also used movie magic screenwriter. I enjoy using both final draft and movie magic but I think movie magic is more user-friendly than final draft is but once you get the hang the final draft I absolutely love it.

Karen Albright Lin

Toshiba laptop. Love it. and it was only 350$ new.

Richard Allis


Owen Mowatt

Thanks for the replies. I know I`m sick and tired of having to run my malware, spyware, adware, virus software, and then having to keep them up-to-date on Windows. But they do have some useful features like, Ad Blocker and No Tracking. Are these necessary on Mac?

Charles Jewell

You will but more people use windows computers. I use Norton and never had a problem. Plus if you watch what websites you goto and what you do then you won't have a problem. Using all those programs that you said leads me to believe that someone did something to get your computer infected. Figuring out which one to buy is personal choice. I love my Toshiba Win laptop, with Norton i have never had a problem. Goto and do some research. It will help you out, once you decide make sure that all writing programs or whatever is compatible with your choice. Good Luck!

David Levy

Went to a Mac and never looked back!

Karen Albright Lin

Mac not impervious to viruses anymore, expensive to buy (and parts too) and it takes some conversion to use their proprietary software to what others use.

David Levy

I have been using the same 27" iMac for close to 2 years with no viruses, issues, or anything major. Only the occasional screen freeze. Everyone has different experiences.

Hans Nielsen

I have windows 8 with Trend Micro Titanium, which works very well as security. If I could afford it I would buy an Apple and use the Safari browser with it.

Jeremy Kriss

Apple. Only and forever.

David Levy

@Jeremy, sounds like a love song! lol

Jeremy Kriss

Apple. Good enough for The Beatles AND Steve Jobs.

Craig D Griffiths

I have an Apple, but will probably replace it with a PC. I use cloud software, Celtx and Adobe Creative Cloud and you get more bang for your buck in the PC world. Especially if you go for name brand components in a no name PC. My experience so far.

Gav Elias

My opinion is Windows. MacBook is mostly for the design and sleekness. I have a MacBook Air and a Windows laptop. I don't really use one more than the other. I use Final Draft and Scrivener on both machines. My opinion would be to buy a cheap Windows machine, save the cash and use the cash for something else, like better software, books etc. At the end of the day, writing software is just a modified word processor. That means no expensive or high spec system is needed. An Apple machine is mostly for, like I said, design and the kudos of the creative industries that is attached to it. In terms of operability and function, I tend to go for what is cheaper to do the job needed. That is why I am currently in the process of selling my MacBook Air.

Lisa Clemens

Mac Book Pro.

Shelley Reid

I'll be the oddball here... I've used Linux since 2002. Scriptwriting software? I switched from Final Draft (in virtual machine running XP) to 'Fade In Pro' which is ported for Windows, Mac and Linux. Updates for the software come often and are free after purchase. Added advantages of Linux, you can cruise the net and download everything with abandon. Like Mac, getting viruses with a Linux machine is almost unheard of. I also like the fact that Linux is free! Download it, install it and it's yours free to use however you want.

Robert Dan O'Neill

Hi Owen, yes I would recommend Apple! If you use Final Draft for writing, you would get problems with Microsoft. Anyway, Final Draft is designed for Apple, and Apple is the best and safest product you can buy. If u wanna be a cool, buy an Apple! Have fun writing! :)

Karen Albright Lin

Shelley, does that software allow for easy conversion to Word so it can be read and amended by someone who has different software?

Karen Albright Lin

I never had problems using Final Draft with my P.C. BUT if I can convert to Word, I can't figure out how.

Karen Albright Lin

Yea, what Gavin said.

Karen Albright Lin

Sam Bosely, that co. Telling you 6 months life on windows P.C. What? I have 2 lap tops and 1 net book (no apple products) and they've last a long time, 8 years for my Dell. It still works well. My son's Mac Book has sucked. Lots of battery melt down, necessary upgrades necessary, cords disintegration, all very expensive to fix and buy. Apple seems to be a prestige thing. Graphic designers say Apple is not so much better for graphics anymore. And viruses can infect them now.

Karen Albright Lin

My son carried his mac book, hand on each side. Since it was flimsy/plastic case, it squished in the CD port. Had to be replaced just to get the CD out. My sturdy metal Dell is bullet proof. Apple sacrifices for the look and feel.

Trevor Murphy

I have both Windows and Mac's. I use a Window's machine at work, I have a Dell laptop at home but I also have an iMac and a Mac Book Pro to travel with. The issue I run into is that with Final Draft on both platforms, it's the keyboard short cuts haha. Ctrl-J works great on Windows, not so much on a Mac haha. Karen, Apple have not made the flimsy/plastic case in years and they stopped putting a CD drive in their laptops (the Pro line) over 18 months ago now I believe). As a rule of thumb, the majority of Windows based laptops have a shorter life span than a Mac laptop but there are always exceptions to the rule. I'm not "married" to either camp as an FYI. Shelly's post has made me want to check out Linux ;-).

Shelley Reid

Karen, Fade In will import and export to .epub, .pdf, .txt, .html, .rtf, .fdx (Final Draft) and a few others. You shouldn't have a problem opening .txt and .rtf in MS Word but might need some adjustment after doing so. I was surprised it imports .fdx and .fdr files like a champ. You can download it free and give it a try before purchasing.

Karen Albright Lin

Thanks Shelley for the info... but how easy Is "fade in" to use. Never heard of it. I think I tried to covert Final draft to rat one time and the format was messed up.

Shelley Reid

Karen, my situation is a little different in that Final Draft will not port to Linux and I got tired of jumping through so many hoops to use it. I tried a few others but settled on Fade In because the maintainers are very enthusiastic about supporting screenwriting software. There were some irritations when I first started using it but those problems have been addressed. It just gets better with every release. Fade In is free to download and try so give it a go. It may not suit your needs but I actually like it better than Final Draft . I also like the fact files can be saves as .fdx. That way, it's easy to forward your work to someone who uses Final Draft. I know it sounds like I work for the company but I don't. I just appreciate what the maintainers of Fade In are accomplishing and feel they've earned my support.

Greg Rempel

MacBook Pro and Final Draft

Winter Maza

YEA go for it! Everyone has one, they're a must have for every Hollywood screenwriter..................(insert raspberry here) I have a Dell PC and an Acer laptop that doesn't get internet time and Celtx for my screenwriting. They're just tools to work with, to create that next blockbuster and until the academy starts giving awards for computers used to write the best screenplay. i'll stick to mine

Lisa Molusis

Apple-- hands down. Got a 27" imac and a macbook pro 13". Use them side by side all the time.

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