Screenwriting : Writers block- stuck on ending by Zorrawa Emily Ann Jefferson

Writers block- stuck on ending

I'm writing episode 1 of a series I call zorrewe. I wrote scripts on it before but I decided to start from scratch. I'm stuck on the last six pages. The ending. How do I write a good ending? Hmm, any advice on how to write a good ending?

Craig D Griffiths

For a series you will need to end the current situation and start the next one. Or the resolution uncovers a deeper understanding and bigger issue. You can't have a complete resolution otherwise there is no reason to watch the next episode. I like the three arc idea. One arc that will take the season to resolve A second arc which takes 3 episodes to resolve And then the Monster of the week. Hope this helps.

Tamim Almousa

Work on something else - as a palate cleanser - and the ending will come to you.

Rosalind Winton

I agree with Tamim, but also, stop thinking that you have writer's block, because if you keep thinking that, then you won't be able to get out of that mind set easily, you need to think more positively and think about it as a challenge and something to be worked on, rather than you have writer's block and 'can't'. Think about your characters and where they are at the moment, if you were them, what would you do next? Put yourself in their shoes, whether they are protagonists or antagonists, think about walking in their shoes and see if that helps.

Craig D Griffiths

Just to add to the advice above. Try something out of the box. Try killing one character. What happens in the story? How did they die? This can break the log jam in your head. You will write stuff you'll have to delete. But you are moving again.

Elvira Drake

Sleep on it. Work on a completely different project and when you least expect it, it'll hit you.

William Martell

The ending is dictated by the beginning.

MJ Brewer

Brainstorm. Think of ALL the endings that could happen, ridiculous or not, and scratch them down as fast as you can think of them. Do this for about 10 minutes. When you're done, go over the list one at a time and consider at least ONE way each of these basic ideas can be molded into a palatable ending. When you've done this with each, you'll find that at least one hits you right between the eyes.

Jason Horton

Whenever, I'm stuck on any part. I work on something else for a bit, cleanse my pallet and get back to it. If I'm on a deadline, I write the worst possible ending I can come up with. I purposefully try and be awful. Then I work up from there.

Jason Horton

For sure, I didn't mean to keep the bad ending. Just use it as a jumping off point to write something better.

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