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Dave Corey

Sound Effects Library

I've been working with "Sound Ideas" for many years. I'm using their CDs. While I've been happy with it, but I find it lacking in "contemporary" sounds (i.e.-technology, automotive, etc.). I've been given a semi-green light by the powers that be to find a replacement library. So, I pose the question to y'all: What do you work with, and would you recommend it? Many thanks! Dave

John O'Hara

I can certainly sympathize with your search. I have a library of 178 sound effect CDs and I still have to Foley, design, or wildtrack many effects. For what is worth here some of the libraries: 101 Digital Sound Effects Planes Trains and Automobiles 101 Digital Effects Hilarious Comical Effects 101 Digital Effects Sounds of Horror 101 Digital Sound effects Sounds of Nature 101 Digital Sound Effects The Machines of War De Wolfe Sound FX LucasFilm Sound Effects Major Records Sound Effects Platinum Sounds for the 21st Century Sound Ideas Series 7000 Ambience II Twentieth Century Fox Sound Effects Universal Studios Sound Effects Warner Bros Sound Effects

Dave Corey

Thanks so much, John! I'll check out their demos and come up with a wish list for my boss. This has been super-helpful! Dave

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