Stage 32 Meetups : PHOENIX AREA MEETUP w/Stage 32 & No BullScript Feb 20th by Danny Manus

Danny Manus

PHOENIX AREA MEETUP w/Stage 32 & No BullScript Feb 20th

Hey All, I am teaching a logline/query letter workshop to the Phoenix Screenwriters Association on Feb 21st and doing private consultations, will be hosting a Stage 32 Meetup for the night before: Friday Feb 20th 8pm Majerle's Sports Grill in Chandler/Fashion Square 3095 W. Chandler Blvd Chandler, AZ 85226

Larry Kostroff

yes, please RSVP for the Phoenix meetup on 2/20/15.

Lawrence Kitay

I'd enjoy going, but I am not a screenwriter. I am an Actor. Should I still attend?

Stage 32 Staff - Julie

Absolutely Lawrence! It's everyone in the business :) Danny just happens to be on the screenwriting side!

Carlo Peter-Andrew Dall'Olmo

I am going. I am the organizer for Phoenix Screenwriters Association....looking forward to meeting you all.

Brian O'Connor

Wish I could make it, I'll be at the soccer field cheering on my daughter that evening!

Lawrence Kitay

See you all there.......Rock n roll!

Rodriguez Screenwriters

I'd like to be there too. Where can we RSVP?

Carlo Peter-Andrew Dall'Olmo

@ f.I Rodriguez and Lisa Huston -just show up on Friday Feb 20th -8pm at Marjerles in Chandler. You'll see us outside on the deck. If you want to attend the logline workshop on Saturday you can rsvp then.

Danny Raustadt

Please add me. Thanks!

Tierra Ijere

I will be there

Rodriguez Screenwriters

@Carlo Peter-Andrew Dall'Olmo, thanks we'll be there.

Danny Manus

Very excited to meet you all!! it will be a great time! you don't have to be a screenwriter to come.

Dave Taylor

Hope to be there!

Danny Manus

Bumping this up, hope you'll all join us! There will be drinks, Q&A and swag!

Carlo Peter-Andrew Dall'Olmo

You had me at 'drinks'.

Danny Manus

This is tonight! hope to see you all at Majerle's! I've got some stage32 swag to give out!

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