Success Stories: APR'26 10 New Happy Writers Success Stories

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10 New Happy Writers Success Stories

So proud to announce that there have been 10 new Happy Writers success stories over the past month. Erik and Matt have worked tirelessly to help facilitate the relationships between our writers and the incredible executives we work with. The writers below put in the time, honed their pitch and now have secured meetings with 10 Hollywood gatekeepers. We wish them nothing but the best with their meetings! Here's to the next step! Please help me in congratulating these terrific writers! • Keith Betts secures a meeting with Erin Smithey, Development Coordinator with Tom Welling after pitching his script, Polar Bare • Natasha Diaz meets with Libby Meyer, Junior Manager, Principato-Young Entertainment after a pitch for her script, Passing • Julie Livingston scores a meeting with Sam Schulte, Literary Assistant, Abrams Artist's Agency after pitching her script, Self Help • Julie Livingston scores another meeting with Roberto Alcantara, US Development, Project 10 Productions off her script Self Help • Heather Faris meets with Jarrod Murray, Manager, Epicenter after pitching her script, Ripple • Michael Morra scores a meeting with Dan Ingram, Head of Story, The De Laurentiis Company off pitching his script, Saving Lexi Lee • Ross Mihalko meets with Dan Ingram, Head of Story, The De Laurentiis Company after pitching his script, Graves • Sharon Cooper secures meeting with Nikki Levy, Awesomeness TV (Dariana from Awesomeness is hearing pitches this weekend!) off the reading of her script The Golden Age of Kali • Mark Assip and Peter Lancucki secure meeting with Mary Cybriwsky, Manager with Truth Magician • Aaron Wroblewski scores a meeting with Devon Byers, Development Executive with Ideate Media after pitching his script, Enera

Richard "RB" Botto

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