Success Stories: SEP'8 Fantastic Job!

James Gregory

Fantastic Job!

I've been a member of Richard's Stage 32 community for around 8 months now, I haven't blogged much in that time because I'm constantly working - so I hope the community forgive me, but I just wanted to say what a fantastic resource Stage 32 is and I hope all you fellow creatives feel the same way and make the very most of what's available : ) Great Job Richard! This brings me nicely to my main man - Mr Joey Tuccio : ) Just saying his name makes me smile! This guy is the sweetest, most genuine guy you could ever wish to meet. If you are a writer, creative or film maker, Joey is your man. He cares passionately about what he does and he will try his very best to get you in front of the right people - people who could help you make your project a reality ; ) Since I've been pitching with Joey at Stage 32 Happy Writers I have had several requests from various producers and companies - nothing concrete has happened yet, but you have to crack a few of eggs to make an omelette! I know it's a numbers game. Someone out there will want what I have, it's about getting your script in the right hands and you'll have no better place to do that than Stage 32 Happy Writers. Joey is the man!

Stage 32 Staff - Julie

Congratulations James! Wishing you a ton of success :)

Nick Belial

Great positive attitude, James! Good to hear you've been busy. Keep up the good work!

Wendy Nichols

Thanks for the blog, James. I feel as if it's only a matter for you. Have to agree with you, Stage 32 is fantastic.

Dawn Gonchar

I completely agree - Stage 32 is amazing! I haven't worked with Joey yet, but hope to be in the near future. Congratulations and best of luck to you!

Amanda Toney

James- this is awesome! I wish all the best for you! :)

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