Success Stories: DEC'7 Kickstarter Campaign SUCCESSFUL & PREMIERE!!

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Paul Howard

Kickstarter Campaign SUCCESSFUL & PREMIERE!!

Something that people sometimes forget, the main reason I MAKE films (Holiday and otherwise), is to have others ENJOY them! That’s it! That’s the point! TO ENTERTAIN! I'm so proud to have successfully achieved my Kickstarter goals for Christmas Visitations and ALSO successfully survived pre and post production and actually PREMIERED the film on YouTube. Not only that, but I'm so proud of the initial feedback and all the views, likes, and comments. It really is amazing! Happy Holidays Stage 32 and remember... ALWAYS follow your dreams!! Paul If you want to see Christmas Visitations on YouTube:

Paul Howard

Thank you so much Kathryn!! I appreciate the support and your kind words! HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!

Jorge J Prieto

Totally agree with my girl, Kathryn, nice job, buddy.

Paul Howard

And like Kathryn, a BIG thank you to you Jorge!! HAPPY HOLIDAYS!

Serenity Edward

Congratulations and happy holidays!

Elisabeth Meier

That's amazing, Paul. Congratulations. Like you I see myself first as the storyteller, the entertainer, the filmmaker and not as one of the film business. Even without this crazy biz I would tell my stories by screenwriting and filmmaking. Happy holidays to all of you!

Paul Howard

THANKS Serenity and Elisabeth so much!! I really appreciate your support, and kind words!!

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