Success Stories: OCT'3 No Rest For The Brave

Lee Roth

No Rest For The Brave

We just put a project into development, NO REST FOR THE BRAVE, as a result of Stage 32!

A Navy Petty Officer denounces an illegal scheme to sell weapons to Iran using the USS Kitty Hawk and ends up involved in the Iran-Contra affair. Based on the memoirs Running Scared, written by Navy Petty Officer Robert W. Jackson. [Gustavo Freitas, Screenwriter - Lee Roth, Development Executive/Co-Producer]

Robert, in the NW U.S., found a very talented screenwriter, Gustavo Freitas in Brazil, here on Stage 32. Once the screenplay was written and polished, Gustavo came back to Stage 32 and found me, in Los Angeles, for development and co-production..

With our financier in Canada, who has already issued an LOI for 100% of the budget, we have pretty much involved the entire western hemisphere ... and we're not even in pre-pro yet!

We're all very pleased with how Stage 32 enabled all of this.

Pamela Bolinder

Congrats to all involved in this project. Gustavo Freitas is the Best!

Gustavo Freitas

Thanks, Pam! Really thrilled with this one.

Felix Boahen

Such a great effort, Gustavo Freitas. Once again well done, Buddy.

Mac Hawbaker

This testimony is inspiring. Congrats Lee. Keep kickin' ass :-)

Derek Reid

Will def be watching this one!

Derek Reid

This was also an interesting thing to observe from the beginning. Congrats!

Matthew Hall


Mugaya Faisal Uganda

great hear that lee

Sam Borowski

CONGRAT! And, as we say here in NY, "BREAK LEGS!" GOD BLESS and STAY FRESH!!! ;)

Derek Reid

Sam - Were you working on a project called "Stay Fresh"? I may or may not be mis-remembering. How's that going if so?

Sam Borowski

Yes, in the throngs of development, as we push it into pre-production. Working on it, as we speak! ;) Thanks for askng! And, as I always say, "GOD BLESS and STAY FRESH!!!" ;) ;)

Lauran Childs

Well done!

Derek Reid

Sam - "break legs" then! ;)

John Ellis

Lee Roth How is dev coming?

Stephen Foster

hot dog!

Gustavo Freitas

Hi, John Ellis. A lot of work, but it's going quite well!

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