Success Stories: MAY'11 Pitch story from this weekend! :)

Leah Waller

Pitch story from this weekend! :)

Hi, it's me again! This weekend was another amazing pitchfest brought to us by Joey and the Stage 32 Happy Writers. It was a blast! If you have a script ready to go, and you haven't done one - I have to ask...why?? For me, it is far less intimidating then pitching to a room full of bored executives. Perhaps it's because, if you want to wear PJ's, that's ok! (at least from the waist down). So about this weekend's pitches for me – I'm not going to lie, I was pretty certain I totally bombed my first pitch. The executive asked me a question that I wasn't prepared for and I felt myself backslide (I also felt the warm burn of hives spreading up my neck). BUT I know my story backwards and forward; inside and out, so I recovered fairly quickly and was able to move forward. In the end, he requested my script! Oh, and he is from WME, did I forget to mention that?! I was so beyond elated. Even if it takes months to get read (or even if it never does), just the fact that someone in the WME building has my script, my baby, sitting in their office, is pretty epic! The second pitch was with Electric City Entertainment. When you look up the definition of “ideal pitch”- I'm fairly certain those 8 minutes, 40 seconds will be there. You know when you have those moments where you just click with a total stranger? They “get” you and more importantly they “get” your story - well this was it. Within the first minute she had the entire arch of my story in her head and actually outlined it back to me! Again, even if nothing happens, just that experience of what it's like for a pitch to go really well boosts confidence, not only in my story but in myself! Anyway, I'm still floating on cloud 9, so I thought I'd share. Shout outs to Erica – who is such an awesome moderator!! I'm fairly certain she is a large part of why WME requested my script! :) And, of course, the always wonderful, Joey!! :) One thing I've noticed about all the moderators thus far is, besides being very upbeat and positive, they seem to truly want all our pitches to succeed. It's nice to know that from the word “go”, you have someone rooting for you!

Blake Andrew

Congrats on a great experience! I submitted two written pitches this weekend just to change it up. It's nice to get written comments back. We'll see how it goes!

Leah Waller

sweet! Good for you, Blake.

Fay Devlin


Yelena Demikovsky

Congrats! I'll try it next time!

Jason Levy

Go Leah! You're on a roll.

Lyle Royer

Hi Leah, Nice words. I am new and have completed scripts so I'll look into this. My Main Coon, Renfield say Hi.

Lyle Royer

That's a kitty, by the way...

Diane Kryzaniak

Congratulations, Leah. That is "Awesome"

Leah Waller

Thank you, Stephanie for your comment and your book! I just downloaded it a few days ago, wonderful tool for pitching! I love your blog too.

Leah Waller

Lyle, from one cat lover to another, thank you! (P.S. Main Coon's are beautiful! All 4 of my cats are mix breed strays but one of them has a Main Coon look.)

Leah Waller

Thank you all for your lovely words!! Best of luck to you, Leon and Michelle!! As Tom Petty said - the waiting is the hardest part! :)

Jeff Rosenberg

That's GREAT Leah, hope they buy both. It is an amazing thing, and beats the heck out of query letters, emails and begging to get someone to hear your pitch. Best of luck!!

Lyle Royer

Renfield now is Dire Straights. Life#4. He liked the other side, but now back.

Daniel Stewart Levy

Leah, you're becoming my guru/hero! My second pitch is this afternoon. Always a bit intimidating, but reading about your experience helps a lot! Thanks so much!

Ken Belsky

You must be elated. Its like taking a trophy home on your first start at the gate. Good show!!

Michael J. Shapiro

How wonderful! And I'm certain the hives vanished within seconds of getting the "green light" for submission! Great work!

Virginia Brucker

Well done, Leah. That's super news! Here's a toast to the next step for you.

Janet Biery

Admire your bravery. Congratulations, I'm sure you'll be sharing more great news in the future.

Rome Me-o

Congrats Leah! I am curious what will transpire from this point on? Hopefully, its a sell or even better, a hire!

Ken Belsky

You make it sound so easy out of the gate. How did you approach telling them the story line. Did you follow the main characters arc? How much do they want to know in detail.

James Oldham

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James Oldham

I tell you there is a script and a movie to be made about the prophet from Toledo .

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