Success Stories: MAR'2 TV pilot script requested

TV pilot script requested

I tried my hand at pitching a TV pilot drama script. My first pitch I was told by the executives who read it was a bit too long and the concept 'didn't push the envelope' enough. I had never done any pitching before so this process was a bit daunting for me. I took their comments as constructive criticism and I attended one of Joey's pitch prep sessions before going back to work on it. I trimmed it down and went straight for the heart of it, no details. I even did the same with the script. I got a hit! Hopefully the pilot will live up to the pitch. I understand that ultimately it comes down to a matter of taste but I must say that Joey's pitch prep really paid off. Thanks!

Eric Westlake

Great job Helen. You listened and hung in. I had a similar experience. You get addicted when you get that first request.

Emma J Steele

Congratulations, Helen! Great to hear you not only put yourself out there, but persevered when you got knocked back!

Helena Ellison

That's great, congratulations Helen!

Barbara Albers Jackson

Good luck with your pilot, Helen.

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