Success Stories: JUL'11 Thank you, Happy Writers

DJ Travis

Thank you, Happy Writers

Just a big shout out to Joey Tuccio for Happy Writers and the opportunities to pitch scripts to quality managers, producers, and others who can help bring a script to life. I'm truly thrilled that my scripts have been requested three times out of four recent pitches so far. Keeping my fingers crossed for positive feedback once they've had a chance to read. Wishing everyone else out there all the best!

Suzanne Lutas

Wish you all the best J, congratulations!

David M Jack

Thanks, Suzanne! DJ

Amanda Toney

Good luck to you, DJ! Keep us updated on what happens! I hope it's life changing for you.

DJ Travis

Many thanks, Suzanne and Shannon :-) Sorry for the tardy appreciation, my time and eyeballs have been melting away trying to finish a script polish to submit to the New Blood List contest. Still not done, and still horribly behind on everything. Anyway, thanks to David for saying what I should have done days ago, plus I am wishing you the best on your creative endeavors as well -- thanks for the support!

David M Jack

Best of luck to you, DJ! DJ ;-)

DJ Travis

Thanks so much, fellow DJ, lol :-)

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