Anything Goes : Thoughts on an app for organizing rehearsal schedules by Aaron Craig

Aaron Craig

Thoughts on an app for organizing rehearsal schedules

I am a director and actor who also builds software. It seems to me that theater is still in the stone ages regarding stage management, especially with regards to organizing rehearsals. I think a well-designed app could make SMs life a lot easier by centralizing contact sheets, automating rehearsal notices, schedule changes, etc, by way of a web service and app. Do you think this idea has any merit? Are other solutions already out there that I am not aware of? I've done up a little survey ( If you feel inclined to answer 8 questions around this topic, I'd be interested to know your thoughts.

Alicia Parendo

Some people might benefit from this, but I already use Excel and Google Calendar for contacts and rehearsal schedules. it doesn't take much to make a list for group texts for last minute changes and alerts. With these two packages not only am I always up to date on everyone's conflicts and the director's rehearsal plans, but also print copies for those who have the need for something tangible. These programs make it easy for me to archive information for the future. For example if a director is seeking a certain type of actor for a role, I can easily search my Excel database to provide suggestions. That is also true of tech people for each show I work. I always have a list of qualified, talented techs who might be available for any particular task, and can search by specialty. I do wish you good fortune with this endeavor. I just don't see myself paying for a service I don't really need. I'd be happy to provide suggestions, if you'd like them. Best wishes!

Aaron Craig

Thanks for your comments. I'll be working on this app (it even has a name now, Rehearsally) and hope to launch sometime over the summer. If you're curious, follow along with development at One of the things I'll be adding to the blog right away is the possibility to add your own thoughts and comments regarding features, etc, so you're input would be more than welcome!

Chris O'Neill

Honestly, I'd love an app that works as a digital prompt book, with light and sound cues, schedule, and so on... all wrapped up into one

Aaron Craig

That's a great idea. And certainly a direction I'd like to go in. I'd love it if you'd follow along on and give feedback as I move forward.

Laura Hutt

I think it is a great idea.

Michael T Antonucci

This is much needed in theater. Love it.

Allen Clark

great idea

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