Transmedia : E book info? by Eric Kinloch

Eric Kinloch

E book info?

Hey everyone, One of my friends wanted me to write a script for his students. During one of our brainstorm session, he suggested that the story should be in a form an e book too. I read a few articles on e books but if anyone has experience or knowledge about e books please feel free to let me know. Thanks

D Marcus

An eBook is very simply an electronic book - no paper. There really isn't an e-book form. It just means a book with no physical (paper) presence. Perhaps your friend meant he wanted you to write the script in the form of novel in addition to writing in the form of a screenplay.

Eric Kinloch

Thanks D Marcus. I hope he meant that as well.

Jonathan Kramer

In transmedia, a popular eBook platform is once you have the story in place. I'm actually working on an idea for a podcast developed by a character in a development project which might also be a series of eBooks. Using platforms that add to storyworld are without limit so I would suggest you think about the linear film idea and extend it out with the eBook. Storyworld is FAR more immersive than the basic 3 act structure. Then imagine the characters interacting via social media or even live video on Blab. Fun eh?

Eric Kinloch

Thanks for the advice Johnathan! Sounds fun so far lol, sounds like I need to do more research before actually writing.

Steve Payne

For portability the PDF format is best (viewed through the Adobe Acrobat reader). Microsoft word exports to PDF, so the two go hand in hand quite well. :)

Eric Kinloch

Thanks Steve and Jonathan, all info is greatly appreciated!

Tanya Laird

hi Eric, there's so many flavours of eBooks out there it wouldn't be fair to name a specific format or platform but I'll ask you what I ask all of my clients whenever they want to create another format/channel/platform for their franchise: Why? Is there a sound, narrative reason to expand your IP universe through the medium and does it make sense for your audience in the context of their user experience? if it does, great, tell me about the audience and the experiences that will bring them to the ebook and what you expect them to experience after the ebook. In short, where does the ebook fit in the user flow. Once you know what your audience looks like, you can start drilling down into the specifics of features and functions, there's good old fashioned PDF publishing but there's also motion comics, audio ebook, collaborative authorship ebooks. Know what the roadmap is from point A to B and how you get between the two is entirely up to you. Just make sure your'e creating experiences for the right audience at the right point in their user experience within the context of your IP universe.

Eric Kinloch

Thanks Tanya, will be looking into that!

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