Acting : How to get started? by Jessica Junqua

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Jessica Junqua

How to get started?

Hi everyone. My name is Jessica. I have been acting on stage and screen for 13 years. My acting teacher recently recommended to take a look into voice acting because he thinks I have some potential in that field. I've been researching around online and found some tips and tricks but I'm not sure where to start. Since this is a lounge with people who know about voice acting and the business, I was wondering if anyone has any advice to share? Should I make a reel or take classes first? What I should use in a reel since I have no experience? Anything would be greatly appreciated. Thanks! :)

Samuel Estes

Hi Jessica, that's really dependent on who you are and how you learn. If you have raw talent and just need practice with a little direction, then start making reels - take a look at all the VO reels you can, then find a direction that makes sense for you. Otherwise, if you have the money, a few summer vocal classes may be really good for you to go for. Not sure what NJ has to offer, there are several classes out here in Los Angeles during the summer, and I am sure NY has a lot of good ones too. Be careful to really look at who is teaching the classes - some of them are purely profit, others will get you good in-roads with some solid teachers. Maybe check here?

Brad Venable

You should always take classes first. And one of the best pieces of advice I ever got about demos was this: "You know you're ready to make a demo when you don't have to ask if you're ready." Find a coach locally and start working. Then find another coach, rinse and repeat. If a coach ever tells you to only work with one coach our tries to push making a demo, run. A couple of my good friends in your area are Tom Dheere and Trish Basanyi. They'd be a great place to start.

Joe Becker

listen to other people. search voice over on youtube. see what's out there. don't mix too many styles on one demo. if you do cartoon voices, put those together on one demo. save your jewelry store commercial for another demo. Check out this site. there's a lot of information here, plus you can put a profile on here and get work.

Brad Venable

Just a PSA: the only requirements for pay-to-play sites are a credit card and a pulse.

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