Acting : Need help with animated voice by Ashley Kynessa Rivers

Ashley Kynessa Rivers

Need help with animated voice

Hello all, I'm in need of some help! I love voice acting and I would love to know how to get animated with my voice. I know I need work on projection but I would love some advice on how to achieve different voice types for characters :)

Scott Swanson

actually, the secret to voice acting is not to project the voice necessarily, but to convey the character. Listen to Mel Blanc and realize he really doesn't do anything with his voice, the character is all in the acting in the voice.

Bruce Abels

HI Ashley. I would recommend training training training — with someone who knows the animation VO world. A woman named Stevie Vallance is at the top of this heap. She does animation voice workshops across the country She also has a Facebook group too. I have not trained with Stevie, but if I wanted to pursue animation character voiceover, I definitely would. Also, a good general VO coach could be helpful with developing all aspects of your voice. I see you live in Harrisburg. You can likely find a good coach in Philly, maybe even in H'burg. Although I'm in Denver, CO, I've been training with NYC voiceover coach Marla Kirban, (one of the best in the country, imo) for the past 3 years. Luckily, I get to NYC a few times a year and do face-to-face lessons with Marla. But I train with her monthly over the phone and she's been so helpful to me in starting my VO career. Finally, there's a website called It's free to register and there are lots of resources there, including lists of coaches, online classes, etc. Hope this info is helpful and best of luck!


Hey Ashley, Everything Bruce said, plus go to You'll find a ton of animation coaches. Among the top tier, Pat Fraley, Rob Paulsen, Bob Bergen, MJ Lallo and Stevie Vallance. All the best and keep us in the loop on your progress. Break a lip! Blessings.

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