Nelle Nelle

On Stage With RB - March 2016

Sarah Gabrielle Baron

Two great presenters (plus you, of course RB). I liked what Heather was saying about the importance of being face-to-face....there's a synergy there that is not accessed via Skype. You guys talked about being at the 'market' at film festivals. It's a lingo I'm not familiar with yet. I wonder, if you were to pick one event to buy a 'booth' at to sell your spec scripts, what would it be? What would you bring (scripts in paper format? scripts on memory sticks? business cards? a pamphlet with graphics to help sell loglines?). Also, does not having an agent turn execs away at these events, or is it a, this is the place to find an agent....???

Heather Hale

Hey Sarah, Lovely to cyber connect with you! Sorry, I didn't see this 'til just now! A market is different than a festival (See: and none of them work the way it sounds like you think they do - but don't worry ;-) that's why I wrote the book! ;-) So much misunderstanding out there! ;-) Why don't you shoot me an email and I'll see if I can help you more directly and specifically? ;-)