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Jimmy Matlosz

6 C's of Cinematography.mp4

It has been professed that there are 5 C's in the art of Cinematography. 1. Camera Angle 2. Continuity 3. Cutting 4. Close Ups 5. Composition In the example below, comprised of footage, which I have shot over the years, and what might seem completely random and possessing a wide gamut of style and genre. Yet, and perhaps, debatable of course, I cut them for a demo, and by golly there is continuity. But there is also the important 6th C of cinematography, which I have professed for years, and that 6th C would be: 6. Contrast Contrast, that is right! The basis of lighting: key, rim and fill. How much in ratio? a fine balance, achieved to this day, in the day of WYSWYG lighting with a Light meter. Contrast, the 6th C, Like story telling itself, which is driven by conflict are one in the same in my mind. Like a great meal, made with the best spices, use accordingly, sparsely or in generous proportions. Either way you blend it, the 6th C of cinematography really is Contrast! Enjoy Jimmy

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