The Stage 32 Videos: Filmmaking

S1E5 South West Arizona - Yuma Territorial Prison

Greg travels to Yuma, Arizona and visits the historic Yuma Territorial Prison.

Charlie Script - Junkyard Scene.

The is an Intercut scene from my script "Charlie". Ivan asks Papa Mike about Charlie in this scene, the intercut is of Charlie at Ivans junkyard, killing his...

Stabat Onusta Aestas

Stabat Onusta Aestas Directed, edited and performed by AFAN Alessandro Fantini Featured in the international collective documentary "A Living tree means a living planet" directed by Khalid Mokadmine Co-produced by Gery Lynn Matthews "A living tree means a living planet" is a collective international documentary conceived and directed by Khalid Mokadmine, a young filmmaker from Rabat. In April he reached me out online inviting me to contribute with a one minute video to his ongoing project about the relationship between humans and trees. He had already invited several filmmakers from all over the world, each one representing a different country by telling a different visual story, and he still wasn't able to find a director from Italy available to shoot his own segment. As soon as he discovered I'm also a painter, he proposed me to figure out a way to feature one of my painting in my video. Trees have provided humans with the primary means of survival, therefore I thought it was essential to show how they can still be a precious "motherly" source of life for my own creations and (hopefully) the spirit of the humans inhabiting my country.

Wild Faith End Death?

Death Scene in "Wild Faith" feature film, or is it?

The Lawyer.mp4

Dean Teaster in "man's Best Friend", meeting with his lawyer

Poetry Video "Whatever 'fine' means" (TEASER CLIP)

Edited by: Ida Thomasdotter (2019) Footage by: NASA, Videvo & Beachfront ( Music by: Javier Suarez (Jahzzar) & Kai Engel Anti-music by: Julie Lica Excerpt from poem "Whatever 'fine' means" written by Ida Thomasdotter (C) 2019

DeadLine - Horror Short Film

[ Turn on the caption ] Synopsis: a young staff coming to work in the afternoon, his friend warning him to be careful because in the evening the office will be quiet because many employees have finished their work. his friend says " Take care in the evening the office will be more crowded and you must go " Director/Writer/Cameramen/Editor: Dean Mhm Cast: Hanef Yude Febre #shortfilm #deadline #horror

"il Signor Jackson" TRAILER

Award-winning filmmaker Anton Evangelista travels from the Bronx to Perugia, Italy, in presenting "il Signor Jackson" a unique American story of Edward Jackson, raised in a predominantly Italian-American neighborhood in the Bronx of the 1950's, to becoming an educator in the NY City Public School System and prominent cultural figure of Italian biculturalism and bilingualism. Camera Operator (Bronx): Hakhi Alakhun

Global video intro to Michigan Movie Media 2.0

This is a video introduction to Michigan Movie Media 2.0.

Zoom from space into earth and to the waters in front of…

This is "Zoom from space into earth and to the waters in front of Detroit's cityscape in this video reveal for Michigan Movie Media 2.0" by David…

Panasonic Lumix DMC - G7K Test Footage

Shot with standard G VARIO f/3.5 - 5.6/14 - 42 and shoulder mounted matte box in Garden Home in Portland OR. Added color correction and letterbox for 'cinema...

Alan Delabie demo reel 2020

Acting Reel Alan Delabie Actor-Actresses /Eric Roberts /Merrick McCartha/Mohammed Qissi/Catriona MaCColl/ Christina Okolo
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