The Stage 32 Videos: Comedy

Jewish Space Lasers

The Imperial Fleet has the most sinister weapon the Galaxy has ever known, with enough firepower to destroy an entire planet in one shot...but they didn't account for one small issue

The Light Before Christmas

"The Light Before Christmas." A new take on an old classic. Written and directed by Tyler J. OakleyFeaturing artwork by Aly G. Robalino.

First Contact: Alien Idioms

Session Ten of Interstellar Treatise Formation between humans and aliens goes terribly awry when the government professor...talks. Written and Directed by Tyler J. Oakley

Pedro, The Madman Series (Episode 1)

Covid from the point of view of a Crazy Filmmaker!

Darth Vader's Commerical

Darth Vader is single, ready to mingle and looking for love on

Quaratine Divorce Court

The lockdown has caused divorce rates to spike and created an unprecendeted demand for divorces. So the courts are processing them...on zoom.

Harry Potter Goes To Therapy

Harry Potter goest to therapy because he's 30 and doesn't know what to do with his life because he peaked at 17. Produced & Directed By John Siscel Written By Lynn Dickinson Starring Scott Kruse & Katie Nathan

International Horror Association Pilot ROUGH 8m44s 2020

The first 8m and 44s of the IHA pilot that I wrote, directed, animated and voiced myself. Also starring Otto Von Schirach and Master Feathers.Please donate t...

Chase Meng is desperate for work as his debts pile up and he finds himself in poor standing with the wrong people. He has one chance left, but misfortune forces him to chase the opportunity as fast as he can.

Self-tape bloopers!

Behind the elegant final cut of a virtual audition, lie a whole lot of bleeps and bloops.

Track Preview - "The Man Bat" Theme || "Demos" EP

Digital Track available at:Website: www.musicbyd4d.comBandcamp: www.d4disgruntled.bandcamp.comFollow Me on:Facebook:

ClimaxXx - Who's Inside April (Official Film)

A couple is constantly bothered by their neighbour, April’s, larger-than-life sex life. Little do they know who’s really turning April on.
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