The Stage 32 Videos: Comedy

'In The Cut' (Multi-Cam Comedy)

A sly reality TV producer finds his next hit in a barbershop where nobody can keep their secrets under wraps [Episode 208].

'Loosely Exactly Nicole' (Comedy)

An unwitting, wholesome, corn-muffin from the Midwest looking for friends ends up tangled in the snare of a new sexual experience [Pilot Episode 101]

Hello Cannabis TV Show Proof of Concept

Marijuana delivery driver Derek lands himself in some sticky situations when he chases a whacky pot strain his hypochondriac mother says will cure her ailments. From the unsavory, tilted characters he comes across, to the rich and famous he delivers to, you'll always find Derek in some kind of bind.


When small-time conservative vlogger Patrick Neal (39) fled the U.S. to avoid questioning related to live-streaming the January 6th Capitol protest he ended up stranded, jobless and penniless on European soil. Within days, however, the Pennsylvania native would receive an outpouring of donations via conservative crowdfunding platform Fundly allowing him to revive and revamp his previous internet show Pat-Riot.* [*EDITOR’S NOTE: At the time of publication Pat-Riot and all associated media accounts are suspended and/or de-platformed in the U.S.] Now rechristened “X-Patriot,” the show documents his travels from country to country, braving new cultural waters, learning the local customs, and interviewing the European elite all for the benefit of his audience stateside.

Death at 6:17 Dialogue Redo

I decided to redo the dialogue in my largest project.

Skateworld (2014).mp4

Produced as a part of an MFA program for film in the School of Film and Animation at the Rochester Institute of Technology, SKATEWORLD was developed as part of a class to help students in TARGETING AN AUDIENCE by producing a 90-second content-specific pitch/trailer designed for a particular network's branding. In this case, F/X. I still believe the work I completed here with writer/director SULLIVAN SLENTZ is worthy of a full season of sell-your-soul level dark comedy with shenanigans and scheming to keep the beleaguered rink afloat. - @thejeffgram

The Colonel Attacks [film noir short]

Marta and I set out to build a versatile portfolio together. I wrote four scripts, we produced three of them together and this is the second one. A short exercise in concept building, involving no budget, and basic equipment. We set out to create a short film that is a standalone drama. Follow us to watch the next projects.

My Voice-over on The Gay Divorcee

I love the screwball comedies of the 1930s and 1940s. The era lasted even through the 1950s and early 1960s. But nothing compares to the witty, snappy dialogue and one-liners of the '30s with Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers. The stories were light on plot, but a delight of dancing, singing, zany misunderstandings, and wordplay. As great as Fred and Ginger were, their comedic co-stars sometimes had the funniest roles. Alice Brady was brilliant as wacky Aunt Hortense. This is my re-voice of the role, for fun.

The Reel idiots | YouTube Comedy Channel Trailer 2023 |

The Reel idiots | YouTube Comedy Channel Trailer 2023 | ⏩Coming off of our back to back Nobel Peace Prize awards for Best Smooches, The Reel idiots are proud to present a glimpse into what pure, unfiltered genius truly looks like.

Alien Traitor Promo Video.mp4

Alien Traitor quick promo video

Spring Break: Earth - part 4

Here is part 4 in my mini-video comedy-sci-fi series, Spring Break: Earth.
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