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THE LURING - Review | GetThatMovie by HSC

The Luring is written and directed by Christopher Wells. A Psychological Thriller sprinkled with some trauma and obsession. Garrett is a young man who tries to recover a lost memory by returning to his family's vacation home, where an unspeakable act took place and fractured his mind.

Ryan Neil Butler Scripted Directing Film

Excited to reveal my scripted directors showreel. Looking forward to the future projects I know about and those I don't. Reach out if you'd like to work together!

Musical Interlude .mp4

While waiting for the train a lovely moment appeared that caught my imagination. Playing music in public places is rare in the U.K and especially real classical music as opposed to cheap renditions.

Duti Fagun

Duti Fagun Trailer 2 | Habibur Rahman | Rudra Roy | Pushpita Screenplay & Direction: Habibur Rahman Cast: Rudra Roy, Pushpita Banik Production: Lamp Entertainment BD


Falmouth Cornwall International sea shanties Festival 15th-16th…

Falmouth Cornwall International sea shanties Festival 15th-16th June 2024, Part 1 Parade. Mariners Away. Sea Shanties Raising funds for the RNLI And Exeter hospital heart unit. . Thanks to everyone involved you can find them across social network. Support the RNLI and . Thanks. Love SummerTime TV WorldWide Magazine YouTube.

The Mona Lisa Conspiracy Traiuler

Against all odds, a renowned art investigator reveals the truth about the Mona Lisa, the most famous smile in the world, and exposes da Vinci as a fraud.

6 Fantasy Novellas 1 Epic Adventure

Tales of the Ravensdaughter is a Fantasy Action Novella Series that will leave you wanting more!

Inside Entertainment Industry Careers Podcast

Catch up on all the latest 'Inside Entertainment Industry Careers' podcast episodes with; *Actor Rachel Grant *MUA Vicky Voller *Stefano Da Frè of Rosso Films International *Costume Designer and Maker Sarah Juliet Dearing *Production Designer Sally Lock *Portrait Photographer Ivan Weiss *Casting Director Shakyra Dowling Spotify: #podcast #podcasting #creatives #careers #creativecareers #passions

SharkQuake OFFICIAL Movie Trailer 2024

In a desperate attempt to neutralize Fukushima's radioactive waste, a Japanese seismologist inadvertently unleashes monstrous, earthquake-inducing sharks. As Tokyo crumbles, a fearless social media influencer and her diverse team must unite to stop these predatory beasts and save Japan from total destruction.

James Bond: Monster Hunter - Official Trailer 2024

When a vacationing James Bond unwittingly unleashes an ancient Aztec prince who transforms Paris into a city of monsters, he must team up with his sister Jane and a squadron of French Legionnaires to stop the prince from obtaining a mystical medallion at the Louvre and enslaving humanity.
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