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Scorpions - Wind of Change with lyrics

Scorpions - Wind of Change with lyricsmusic by the Scorpionsvideo by derKiller666lyrics by magistrixI don't want any profit with this video!All rights are by...

Baby Shoes.mp4

Written by Angela Cheveau, performed by Zoelle Rose; monologue written in conjunction with Loud Voices Silent Streets/BBC Writers group series on the theme of illusion.


Self-written and performed; monologue written in conjunction with Loud Voices Silent streets/BBC Writers Group series on the theme of Illusion

Descending Classics (silent)

Filmed and edited on 16mm film by Vivian Giourousis in San Francisco, California. Circa 1997. Classical and neo-classical replicas and imitations throughout the city. The excessive recreation and repetition of formal art images becomes pop-art.

Recording of Episode 484 of the Jeep Talk Show

Recording of LIVE broadcast, episode 484 of the Jeep Talk Show. It's a show about Jeeps!


© 2021 - music composed by Fred Coince Videos by Mart Production & Cottonbro from

We Are Not Alone Video.mp4

My book trailer has just been released for the introduction of my latest book. How do you like it?

You Booked it Podcast Interviews Kari Nissena

You Booked It Podcast Interviews Kari NissenaHi Actors, I was recently interviewed by Dane Reis at The YOU BOOKED IT PODCAST. He has a wonderful community th...

ART of Native America: EARL BISS - The Spirit Who Walks Among His…

"EARL BISS - The Spirit Who Walks Among His People" reveals a Crow artist’s joyous, bold, tumultuous journey to success in the Fine Art world. Earl Biss (1947-1998) was a dynamic master painter - part of a core group who birthed the Contemporary Native American Art Movement. Biss was recognized by an art critic as the greatest colorist of the 20th Century.

Murder Bury Win Official Trailer

Directed by: Michael Lovan Cast: Mikelen Walker, Erich Lane, Henry Alexander Kelly, Craig Cackowski, Brian Slaten Synopsis: Three friends have created a board game, MURDER BURY WIN, and they think it has what it takes to become a bestseller on the indie charts. When their attempt to crowdfund fails, a mysterious man makes them an offer: he will publish their game on the condition that he takes credit as the sole creator and owner. After a dispute over the gaming rights leaves them with a body on their hands, the young men realize how suspiciously like murder the freak accident appears. Now, with few options remaining, they look to their game for guidance. The premise of their game? How to murder someone... and get rid of the body.

Talk About Apples (Sound Bite) Episode 6

In this episode of Talk About Apples, Dr. Apples knew he had a work on astral projection in traveling back into his physical body the same way he left. He couldn’t remember much from mini experiences. Soon, the process become a second nature to him. By the age of 14 he became agile. Think he had mastered the technique. He describes his experiences with his mother, Miss BaRule.
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