The Stage 32 Videos: Shortfilm

PlayBack movie supporting video

Support the post-production of PlayBack Movie:

THE LAST MINUTE composed and performed by the Mzansi Youth Choir…

A reminder of what the Land of the Free projects are about, what we are about to lose, and what we must save!

Dood(s)angst / FEAR IT - Official Trailer (HD)

A man wakes up in an abandoned forest and cannot seem to remember how he ended up there. Searching for answers, he suddenly hears a loud growl in the distance. The man moves towards the echo of the sound, wondering what it means. He has no idea where the growl is coming from, until he perceives a strange appearance in a long dark cape standing in front of a fence. The man only sees the back of the appearance, until the figure turns to him and the man cannot believe what he is facing.

Birthday - My First Nude (Official Film)

When a girl receives a weird Birthday request from one of her LønlyFans followers, she discovers just how deep obsession can cut.


Concept film opening

It Got Worse - Alexander Lunn

This is "It Got Worse"

APPALACHIAN Schaumboch's Tavern Book Short

The Appalachian Mountains have always been full of mystery, abounding in legends and bloodshed during the French Indian War and the Revolutionary War. Howeve...


zero-budget short film

ACTOR - a scene from a short film - "MARTY'S"

I acted in a short film "Marty's".

'From Ashes' Pilot episode

After leaving her abusive husband, Brooke is finally settled and happy with the way her life is going. she has the opportunity to start over, but while out f...

A Distant Roar - Pt. 1.mp4

The Society of Fairy Godmothers presents 'A Distant Roar - Ride of the Allied Truth Bombers, the Schwab, the Rabbi & Fake News Media'. Featuring rising warriors from across the gIobe, most of whom are stepping up for humankind instead of attempting to unIawfuIIy enslave it. (Some of the video footage is of poor quality but the honesty is dynamite.)


There’s Angels and then there’s Angel Gods.
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