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Ghost Radio?.mp4

A little fun with some 1920s/30s era music, and this antique radio I have. I used a lot of this music on a Supernatural/True Crime documentary called Death Is With Me.


Hello everyone, I'm excited to present a short demo of my music. I apologize for my video editing, I'm not an editor :)

Avis - Original music by Brian L.H. Gunter (2020)

An original piece of music I wrote in 2020. I was learning how to program for orchestral libraries in a DAW. Musically it’s an exercise in developing a theme. Here’s a breakdown from the video: 00:01-00:10, Logo 00:10-00:46, melody introduction (call and answer) by the piano. Soft high string beds support the harmony in the piano left hand. 00:47-01:36, solo violin with solo cello in support picks up the melody. restating the first piano line and then expanding into a secondary melody. 01:37-1:50, the melody takes a break to let the composition breathe while keeping the general motif intact across oscillations of swelling low strings and pizzicato(plucked) high strings. Thing brings the piece to its lowest dynamic before beginning the climactic back half. 01:51-02:22, the energy kicks into a higher gear with fast string ostinatos(repeating patterns) creating heart racing pace without any change in the actual tempo of the piece. This sets the tone as the piece develops into a final stages of theme development. 02:22-02:38, the more violin section takes the melody, again by restating the original piano motif, and French horns from the brass section answer the violins in a countermelody response. 02:39-03:10, the brass (horns and trombones) take over with a new adaptation on melody AND adding weight, power and drama with low brass. Strings become the response to the brass melody and variation in harmony 03:11-03:32, a soaring women’s choir joins the call and answer of the original melody while huge percussion emphasizes the epic scope as the full orchestra swells to the climactic finish 03:33-03:40, end card/contact info I put the video together in 2024, to use in other reels and promos as a composer. I used Pexels to source all of the clips, and Davinci Resolve to edit them together and add some minor effects. I hope you enjoy it!

Opening Credits - The Apocalypse Box (2024)

Opening credits featuring the original score by Brian L.H. Gunter for “The Apocalypse Box”. A feature film from Amber Pictures, written and directed by Jim Eaves.

My Baby

The flagship title of the album "My Baby" was born from a raw and well-known feeling in our society... Living with a narcissistic perverse person is a pain from which we come out a little shaken, but generally stronger. This is the invitation of this piece... To enter the story, to experience this cruel solitude in the face of the unacceptable, then to take courage in both hands and say goodbye... and that's where it all begins...

“Albatross” - The Best of Rafael Brom - Volume VII - double album

Provided to YouTube by CDBaby Albatross · Rafael Brom The Best of Rafael Brom, Vol. VII ℗ 2020 Rafael Brom Released on: 2020-04-29 Auto-generated by YouTube.

Back To The Sounds Of Heaven - Rafael Brom

Provided to YouTube by CDBaby Back To The Sounds Of Heaven · Rafael Brom Unplugged ℗ 2024 Rafael Brom Released on: 2024-02-02 Auto-generated by YouTube.

Rise(Mix) Ambient | Instrumental Music

Rise(Mix) Ambient Instrumental Music. By Dave Harnetty From the Album Ley.

Seeing your vision trough music

I help filmmakers like you to elevate their vision through music. Contact me today for a consultation on my website,

"Exploring Musical Horizons: From Film Scores to Advertising Jingles"

Welcome to my Stage 32 profile. After introducing you to the soft and melodious side of my compositions, it's time to showcase the rhythmic facet that lies within me today. Explore with me the diverse musical horizons and endless possibilities of creation. Discover this medley of four rhythmic tracks I have composed: Immerse yourself in a fusion of captivating sounds where percussion, catchy melodies, and tribal rhythms come together to create an auditory experience as vast as it is captivating. Music is a universal language that transcends boundaries and cultures. With such a vast sonic palette, I am ready to collaborate with you to bring your projects to life, offering you unique and authentic compositions. Feel free to contact me to discuss your needs and explore the endless possibilities of musical creation together.

The Sounds of Heaven - Rafael Brom (Full Album)

The Sounds of Heaven - Rafael Brom (Full Album) Composed, Performed, Produced, Recorded, and Mixed by Rafael Brom at Brom Studio, Pasadena, California. Instruments: Midi Guitars, 12 String Guitars, 6 String Guitars, Samplers, Keyboards, and Vocals. "The combination of lead vocals, choir, and various digital musical instruments used in 'The Sounds of Heaven' takes you on a sound journey through the Heavenly Realm.

Back To The Sounds Of Heaven - Rafael Brom - from new album Unplugged

Provided to YouTube by CDBaby Back To The Sounds Of Heaven · Rafael Brom Unplugged ℗ 2024 Rafael Brom Released on: 2024-02-02 Auto-generated by YouTube. COSMOTONE RECORDS / Cosmotone Music (ASCAP)
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