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Fellow filmmakers, composers, producers, actors, crew, writers, creators and storytellers: This is a project I have been working on for three years. You simply have to see this amazing film by a 1930s 20-year-old Seattle filmmaker! It is truly inspirational to a filmmaker. Biopic coming. Who’s interested? I appreciate you help in sharing it far and wide. Thanks! 84 years from Creation to Broadcast! “As the Earth Turns” on Turner Classic Movies, Halloween October 31, 2021 at 9pm Pacific (midnight Nov 1, 2021 Eastern) TWO-MINUTE INFO Video: General information (Trailer, Backstory, Reviews, Links) Richard Lyford Documentary, “It Gets in Your Blood: LIVE Podcast: (4PM Pacific; 7PM Eastern, October 31, 2021) DVD/BR: #musicsupervisor #filmdirectors #filmmakers #filmcomposers #indiefilm #filmfestivals #documentary #silentfilm #silentmovies #filmmusic #scififilm #sciencefictionmovies #classicfilm #TCM #TurnerClassicMovies #classicmovies #16mmfilm #filmcollectors #filmarchives #filmhistory #bwfilm

#MyStargirlScore | DC Stargirl Scoring Competition 2021 |…

This is my submission for the DC's Stargirl Spitfire Audio Scoring Competition, August 2021.When composing this short clip score for this year's 'Spitfire Co...

"Escape" - Music Demo

A track created for Australian short film "Fading Numbers". Visit to hear the full soundtrack.

Fragile Beauty Short-Film Documentary

Fragile Beauty is an overview of the life of Patricia; a wife, a daughter, a full-time worker, and a college student opening her doors to her struggles from her past and present. Despite her own demons, she tries and find other ways to keep her happiness alive knowing that her past will always come back to haunt her.

Just Hold On (Breen)

Just Hold On (Breen) lyric video

The Cue Tube's third Composer's Round Table Discussion - May 2, 2021

So happy to be part of The Cue Tube's Composer Roundtable Discussion. This is the second time I was on the panel and it was great to meet this esteemed panel of Film Composers again. Representing Trinidad and Tobago as it was livestreamed via Facebook and YouTube a few days ago. We also took questions from the audience. Happy watching!!

Creating a Horror/Thriller library (And scoring a scene with it)

In this video I show you how I recorded/created a Horror/Thriller library and then I go into Logic to show you how these sounds could be used by scoring a scene from the film at 06:33


© 2021 - music composed by Fred Coince Videos by Mart Production & Cottonbro from


My new composition... © 2021 - composed by Fred Coince Videos from Pexels by :Anastasia Shuraeva & CottonbroMusic Links : On Bandcamp : https://fredcoince.bandca...

SPRING - Music by Nela Ruiz #scorerelief2021

Music composition made for the #scorerelief2021 competition by Nela Ruiz @nelamusica. The cue tube.

Fable Connect Ad

This is a commercial video I scored for Shape Robotics, a Danish company. The requirement for this score involved the contrast between happiness and sadness.
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