The Stage 32 Videos: Horror

Its There

2021 a film about a young teen getting haunted by a unknown figure but he questions if it's all in his mind...

Sleepyhead (short film, 2021)

After a mid-pandemic dating app hookup, a young insomniac wakes up in a luxurious Manhattan apartment where things are not what they seem. Something about his host – and the whole situation – is off. When she reveals that they are not alone, the red flags escalate into a waking nightmare.

River Lobster Teaser

Teaser Trailer for a horror comedy.

Hitchhiker - Let Me Out (Official Film)

In the wake of a car accident, a desperate nurse catches a ride with two men, only to find out that no one is who they think they are.

UNDERTOW Title Sequence

The official opening titles, edited by me, for the upcoming psychological horror, UNDERTOW. Opening Title Credits: Theme Song Solar Theory.

Horror Film Short

An Early 2021 Film where I was learning the basics of all of my skills. Plot summary is that two guys go into a abandoned school and find a mysterious mask.

The Secret Covenant .mp4

An irreverent video essay of the little known yet deeply concerning Secret Covenant, believed to be the work of the Order of the Illuminati and a 'blueprint for humanity'. This disturbing document was leaked into the public domain in 2002. I chose this rather dark subject matter for the primary purpose of practising my video editing skills. The voiceover audio varies in places because I recorded it on my phone, and had to re-record a few passages. More importantly, The Secret Covenant is accurately presented, leaked word for leaked word.

twenty twenty Trailer

Dave Slade (Nicholas M. Garofolo) faces a myriad of and external struggles in trying to figure out what's real or surreal. He encounters the threatening pres...

The Salesman

Made in 48 hours as part of a... 48-hour movie competition, given the title, genre, and a featured line of dialogue. We came in second. We were robbed.

Garden Party

Just a little garden party with the lads. What could go wrong?

Imaginary Scythe... New...


Karen - ClimaxXx Part 2 (Official Film)

Two Priests discover that the true strength in exorcising a young boy lays with his mother.
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