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Portal To Hell Video Trailer.mp4

PORTAL TO HELL: the existence beyond the mind. a spirit. a ghost. a poltergeist.

Lights out UIL film.mp4

An old UIL film, no really sure if i'm proud of this or not

Teaser for a recent short we made for no money.

Two rag-tag horror fans must team up with a couple bullies and a bum (Tuesday Knight) in order to eliminate an otherworldly threat. Cast : Tuesday Knight Conor Kowalski Caspian Diament Sloan Mannino Cohen Waider Judah Lyfe Rob Gill Vanja Djekic Lamarana Bah Screenplay by : Drew Hellmich & Anthony R. Risen Rated PG-13 IG: @anthonyrisen All rights owned by Beowulf Films


Hello, I'am a young enthusiastic and professional filmmakker and video editor with 5 years of experience. I'am quick to grasp new idea and concepts and to develop creative solution to problems. Over the years i have worked with numerours youtube channel and companies and i have been able to sumbit quality work for my clients. I have very accurate, fast keying skills and sound knowledge of computer applications.I have proven ability to collect and manage information efficiently and accurately. I have excellent video editing and graphic design skills and a strong desire to work hard and perform well to meet your expectation. Skilled in planing and organizing with the ability to complete tasks on deadline. My experience in video editing has enabled me to continue producing high qaulity materials to my clients. I am able to meet deadline and I pay attention to even the smallest details. All of my work are done with the highest level of professionalism. You can check my instagram also - ankushgour_ Looking forward to your responce, Thank you ANKUSH GOUR

The Gospel According To Sir Desmond Stirling

A trailer for my podcast; available on most platforms

Vamp Nite - Award winning short film

Our Vampire Amila was imprisoned over a century ago by a secret sect of vampire-hunting priests. Only to be rediscovered and shipped to New York. Her wait is finally over, and she is ready to feed again. Mayhem ensues as warehouse workers unwittingly resurrect our beautiful vampire, back from the dead. Becoming her prey, giving her a lifeline of fresh blood. Their only hope is to trap her in the warehouse. The only one who can do it is the last vampire-hunting priest, with his sidekick Nun and the not-so-helpful manager of the warehouse. But is it too late? Stuntworks in Co-Production with Miranda Media presents VAMP NITE, a horror/comedy short film Directed and written by Roberto Lopez, starring Damali Ross, Marcos Antonio Miranda, Roberto Lopez, Luciano Acuna Jr. Kimmy Suzuki, and Kareem Walkes.

Interiew With Award Winning Actress & Stunt Woman

Award-winning actress, stuntwoman, and producer Damali Ross is the star of Vamp Nite, a film about vampires directed by Roberto Lopez. Damali goes over the making and release of Vamp Nite, the award-winning vampire short film that she stars in along with her fellow cast member Roberto Lopez.

The Return Of Soraya M A Story Of Revenge

Desperate for answers in the remote Iranian village of Kuhpayeh about the death of their mother, Two Iranian women Seelah and Ahbeer goes to visit their auntie Zahra, a woman with a harrowing tale to tell about their mother, Soraya, and the bloody circumstances of Soraya's death, by stoning, in 1986. The two sit down as their auntie Zahra recounts the story to them. The sisters begin to look for ways to resurrect their mother’s soul on the anniversary of her death so that she can become earthbound and get revenge on the people who are responsible for her death.

sweet misery creek 1080WebShareName

Video pitch for my Southern Gothic horror TV show, Sweet Misery Creek. Info about the pilot, season one, and the series in general.

BZRK Title Reveal

Hi - I'm a filmmaker whose work focuses on inspiring non-fiction content, including docs, branded content, and commercials. My most recent feature documentary, All In My Power, was distributed by Cinedigm and is available via major SVOD platforms. I'm currently focusing on getting two written works developed. Both scripts received Semi-Finalist Honors at the Big Apple Film Festival Screenplay Competition (2021) and my sci-fi comedy pilot went on to win Semi-Finalist Honors at Scriptapalooza (2022) and Flicker’s Rhode Island Film Festival (2022) and my sci-fi, horror script received accolades at Zed Fest (2022), Indie Shorts, and Just4Shorts (2023). It would be great to connect with folks who have had success getting their projects off the ground in similar genres and can provide advice/mentorship. This video is a Title Animation for my sci-fi/horror concept. I have both a feature and a short version of this script.

Devilish - 6 episode podcast

In the heart of New Jersey lies a vast wilderness area called the Pine Barrens, virtually untouched by east coast development. Among its preserved habitat of birds, reptiles and a variety of four-legged species, there exists a creature of lore that for centuries has garnered the area’s most intrigue and mystery -- the Jersey Devil.

Drifter - Official Short Film

While dog sitting, Jonathan notices strange things happening around the house An EstesFilms Original Short Film A Film By J. Seth Estes Letterboxd Link : IMDb Link :
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