The Stage 32 Videos: Horror

The Luring (Official Trailer)

The Luring, a psychological thriller, is now available on Amazon Prime. Tagline: Escaping a nightmare only means you're still in one. Logline: A man tries to recover a lost memory by returning to his family's Vermont vacation home where an unspeakable act took place.

Seeking producers interested in helping to get my idea turned…

I wrote a screenplay aimed at my fear of the old saying - night, night, sleep tight, & don't let the bedbugs bite - when, as a child, I was scared. Now that there's been several cases of real bedbugs being seen in different countries, especially on public transport, I think it's time to push my idea again. I recently had interest in Singapore, with a female actor wanting to play one of my main characters, and a director interested in filming it, but I wasn't able to secure a deal with a Production company in Asia, so I'm now on the lookout to find a team of producers who may want to help with my story and with my other 11 screenplays. I'm not a financier, nor am I able to invest, so I need people who know how to raise funds, etc - I think my idea may be worth a shot at being turned into a movie, especially after Anthony C Ferrante (Sharknado franchise) said my script has potential. My story has humour as well as alien insects, horrific scenes. What if by saying those words, it could lead to people being eaten by a swarm of tiny bugs. Please check out my website to see brief descriptions of all 12 movie screenplays - - the first 8 ideas are on this page. The next page has the others. Please get in touch if you think my ideas are a good fit for you and your company.

My story about an alien breed of bedbugs that eat people is also…

If you like fun, horror stories with alien insects, then give my novel a read or listen - Packed with horrific scenes & with some silliness, my story will take you to the town of Lemonsville, where six police officers need to protect the residents from flesh-eating bedbugs that want to eat everyone in town... Please note - my story is meant to be a bit of a laugh, so those of you who expect a full on sci-fi story with facts about space and the universe, it's not for you. After receiving a 1* review recently because my officers were giggling, I thought it best to point this out. MY STORY IS MEANT TO MAKE YOU SMILE!! IT'S FICTION!! IT'S JUST MADE UP NONSENSE!!

#Trucker Official Movie Trailer

Trucker (Hashtag Trucker) is a new Suspense Horror short film by Open Media Enterprises. This will be the official Directorial debut for award winning screenwriter, producer and actor Jesse Pringle. An awarded Army veteran returns home from war and he's been changed.

Opening Credits - The Apocalypse Box (2024)

Opening credits featuring the original score by Brian L.H. Gunter for “The Apocalypse Box”. A feature film from Amber Pictures, written and directed by Jim Eaves.

Horror Short Trailer.mp4

A short horror film that I made into a trailer


BEWARE OF DOG (A Horror Short)

Sometimes you should heed the warning, even small dogs can bite. #shortfilm #horror #horrorstories #horrorshorts

The Gorge Trailer

Trailer for my film The Gorge. Starring Lincoln Lewis, Paul O'Brien and Holly Axsentieff

LAST ORDERS | Trailer | dir. Jon James Smith

Award-Winning horror film written and directed by Jon James Smith

THAT'S ME (A Horror Short)

Sometimes our greatest fears... are ourselves #shortfilm #horrorstories #monster
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