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Operator - Short Film - OFFICIAL TRAILER

Operator - Written & Directed by Jonathan Hughes - Starring Lennon Clarke A self-obsessed call centre worker deals with a personal heartbreak while on shift as the world crumbles around him... due to a zombie apocalypse.

In The Room Official Trailer

In The Room A short comedy by Jonathan Hughes Starring Lennon Clarke

It Was You Trailer

The short trailer for It Was You. Now seeking co-producers.


Booktrailer of the trilogy entitled Father - Memoirs of a Spanish Drug Trafficker - First glimpse into the life of Antonio, who abandons the Lord's call and the Seminary and enters the life of narcotrafficking, protecting the family business and the "Secret".

Ridley Scott's Monopoly Trailer

What if Ridley Scott made that Monopoly movie he was going to make? It would look like this


Dutch promo for my new movie Mister Mayfair


A determined athlete wrestles with his inner demons while faced with the opportunity of a lifetime. Directed by: Aaron Sterling Written by: Aaron and Adrian Akeem Sterling Producer: Solène Moreau Edited by: Nat Magee

"Brothers on a Motel Bed" Trailer

Trailer for the short film "Brothers on a Hotel Bed" directed by Matt Aaron Krinsky Having only met a few times prior and tired after a long day of driving, brothers Sam and James enter their motel room to discover there's only one bed. With no other lodging options on the eve of James' father's funeral, the need to figure out a comfortable sleeping arrangement forces these two young strangers to quickly become siblings. written by Elisabeth Giffin Speckman | based on her play "Brothers on a Hotel Bed"  starring Danny Helms | Julius Lambrecht produced by Matt Aaron Krinsky | Marco A. Elorreaga executive producers Matt Aaron Krinsky | Steven Waxman director of photography Sirtaj Bhangu edited by Connor Linnerooth | Marco A. Elorreaga | Eric Larner associate producer Julianne Homokay Mogul Productions | GhettoRig Productions

"Playdate" Trailer

Trailer for the short film "Playdate" directed by Matt Aaron Krinsky A Boy and a Girl find themselves stuck on a playground with no electronic devices and must rediscover how to play using their imaginations. written by Eric Larner & Matt Aaron Krinsky | based on the play by Julianne Homokay  starring Mitchell Wray | Ariel Trent produced by Marco A. Elorreaga | Matt Aaron Krinsky | Julianne Homokay executive producers Matt Aaron Krinsky | Ronald Waxman | Julianne Homokay | Steven Waxman director of photography Brieana Johnson editor & sound designer Marco A. Elorreaga associate producers Eric Larner | Ron Barnett original music by Ron Barnett Mogul Productions | North By South Theatre Los Angeles | GhettoRig Productions

When spirits haunt you, acknowledge them.

Ten-year-old Benny sets upon a ghostly discovery. Were people murdered in his home? Having visions of the dead no living child should see, Benny struggles with juvenile rawness, besieged with images of past murdered adults.

2021 Channel Trailer

ABOUT THIS VIDEO It's a trailer for Pete Sake! Watch and/or listen, maybe you learn something about me in the process and what this channel will be about. One day I might finally figure out who Pete is. ---------------------------------------- MUSIC PRODUCTION CREDITS Music Composed and Performed by: D4Disgruntled Mixed & Engineered by: D4Disgruntled Artwork by: D4Disgruntled All Intellectual Property, Copyrights and Licenses are owned by: D4Disgruntled VIDEO CREDITS Directed, Shot & Edited by: D4Disgruntled ---------------------------------------- Also, you can follow me on the below platforms: My Website: Bandcamp: D4Disgruntled YouTube Instagram: d4dthecomposer @D4Dthecomposer Odysee: @D4Dthecomposer Rumble: MusicByD4D Minds: Stage 32 LinkedIn: Twitter: @D4Dthecomposer Facebook: D4Disgruntled - Music Composer

Boundless Trailer .mp4

Boundless- Pitch Trailer
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