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The Stage 32 Videos: Western

El Viaje Short Film

The owner of a small town diner is forced to come to terms with his own past when he encounters a young Mexican girl who immigrated illegally into the United States. As he struggles with his own identity, he finds that his ideals clash with those of his close friend - the town sheriff.

Ghost in the Gun Trailer

A man left for dead in the desert encounters a possessed gun which transforms him into a gunslinger bent on avenging his wife's murder, but unbeknownst to hi...

A Western Portrait - Music by Dave LaGrande

This is a cinematic work for orchestra and a tip of the hat to the American western genre. Mockup and Orchestration by Dave LaGrande More info and music from...

The Ballad of Carrot Gold (Animated Western Short)

2019 Animated Western Short Written, Directed, Animated by Zach Steinberg Music by John Jeffery Produced at New York University

Dogwood Pass {Official Promo}

Dogwood Pass: A silver strike in a small western town pits an untested sheriff against dangerous newcomers in a fight for wealth, power and control. Starring Michael Pare

Gun spinning

Somebody wants to be cast in a Western!!!


Kentucky, 1864 -- A young carpenter decides to hang himself. The despair and heartache of living alone after his beautiful wife passes away, taking with her their unborn child, is far too great for him to bear any longer. The empty hours begin wearing down on him. His mind slowly grows insane, causing him to forget the face of his wife. However, before he has a chance to die, a woman, chased by a relentless bounty hunter, breaks into his farmhouse in search for shelter. Confusion sets in when the carpenter believes the dying woman to be his lost wife, and with it comes a new-found sense of duty. He now has something to live for. Something to fight for.

"Sing Me Home" by LailaDoncaster for NaNoWriMo2018

#NaNoWriMo2018 ... a contest of the writer's minds ... I have entered my new book idea into the contest - I must write 50K words and have a rough draft prepared for entry and delivered by November 30, 2018 ... Here is the book description and cover. Passion for music put him in the wrong bar, on the wrong night. Murder. A life sentence for an innocent man. His guitar sang death-row to their doom. Free in a world he knows nothing of, musical memories haunt him. A cowboy's song was all he needed to give up the ghost. Sing Me Home, was his last request.

The Stray - Indie Horror - Trailer

THE STORY SO FAR: Its 1966 in the former United States of America: Kennedy is unable to prevent the Cuban Missile crisis in 1962, creating a nuclear winter throughout the country that seems to have no end. Our nations structure collapse. Our defenses fail. Severe radiation poisoning mutates most of the population into ghoulish, flesh eating monsters. Tracy Arnold, The man with no direction, struggling to accept his actions and live with himself, travels through this baron wasteland at a constant battle with his humanity, and the stray that refuses to let him forget.

Dirt and Stone Video.mp4

This is the title song to my film Band of Outlaws. This was my first ever attempt at making a western and it is a Western made entirely in Scotland. And if you know Scotland at all you will realise that is not the easiest place in the world to pull off a western. The Song was written and performed by Brian Kelly another Scottish musician.

Shannon Houk Acting Demo July 2017

Scenes from The Devil's Chain, Watcher and Follow Me Home
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