The Stage 32 Videos: Steampunk

Wild East (Sizzle Reel)

Wild East: In turn-of-the-century New York, the worlds of law enforcement, journalism, and vigilantism join together to take on the worst of criminality in all levels of society. Gangs of New York meets The Dark Knight with aspects of Penny Dreadful and The Alienist

The Automaton - Trailer

In 1897, a young widow returns to the family farm where she discovers her late husband's attempt at building a primitive sentient machine. The Automaton is a 22-minute genre-bending western sci-fi fantasy that explores the unavoidable drive for human connection in an era of overwhelming progress and change. Written & Directed by W. Alex Reeves Starring Nicole Wyland, Mindee de Lacey, Jill Remez, Bruno Oliver, and John Ennis as "Otto" Director of Photography: Nick Mahar Creature Designer: Tim Martin Executive Producer: Adam Joseph Janeira Producer: Scott Wickman Production Manager: Gillian Entin Assistant Director: Patrick Lundberg Production Designer: Laura Lahti Costume Designer: Naomi Gonzalez Kahn Make Up Artist: Mika Michelle Music Composed & Conducted by Nicholas Jacobson-Larson Sound Designer: Kevin Senzaki


Bell Tower Flight


First Scenes

Bill & Maggie's Intergalactic Taxi Service (2016)

500 years in the future, in a Neo-Victorian England, Queen Victoria the IV requests the help of Captain Bill Sprocket to transport her to a royal engagement on the sovereign world of Pluto. But, Captain Sprocket’s young daughter, Maggie, has other plans, and takes the Queen and her father’s ship out for a joyride around the solar-system.

"The Proteus Logs" - A Film by Michael Richartz

"The Proteus Logs" is a Western Steampunk proof of concept for a television series. It follows the adventures of four unlikely teammates in the Florida 1800s...

Showdown at Tucson MP4.mp4

In a dispute about wasted money and who has the better gun, Thomas Willeford and Nigel Pennington throw down in the Showdown At Tucson.
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