The Stage 32 Videos: Scifi

Second Genesis INTRO

Second Genesis INTRO video... Written and Explained by: Matty Arnold

HOME INVASION (A Horror Short)

After waking up to a strange sound in the middle of the night, a man finds out that he has a home invader of the extraterrestrial kind. #shortfilm #horrorshorts #alien #scifi

Cargo [The Sell-outs]

In the scorching desert heat, a spirited delivery man ventures into the vast emptiness, unaware of the horrifying fate that awaits him. Pilot script available at

Vaser Claw - Official Trailer- Trinidad/Caribbean Sci-Fi

Ville Ventures Universe presents 'Vaser Claw' directed by Ancil Harris and Cassidy Peschier. Jumael James stars in the role as Vaser Claw. Vaser Claw, the prince of the planet Capernaum, goes on a mission to uncover the truth about the death of his family. On his journey, he meets an earthling and encounters alien beings that try to stop him

Talk to us.mp4

Publicity is my first focus, but I also do casting.. off course right now, it's 'frowned upon' per this funny thing called STRIKES.. so keep this one at the back of your mind.. if you, or know of anyone who is Maori/Polynesian.. let them know I'd love to talk to them.. the film is still in Pre Pro and again due to the strikes.. its impossible for it to go into production till next year...

Rex in space

Rex in space is the first book of a new italian space opera XX Planets Saga. More info in the author's blog Luigi Starace:

Raw Data (Trailer)

Are all scientific discoveries for the greater good? RAW DATA is a chilling sci-fi horror film that delves into the consequences of a groundbreaking scientific discovery as two scientists engage in a fateful discussion. Connect with Beautiful Darkness Productions: Check back to see which film festivals it will be playing at. #RAWDATA #scifi #horror #shortfilm #IndependentFilm #IndieFilmMaking #IndieFilmCommunity #IndieFilmScene #IndieFilmProjects #IndieFilmLife #SupportIndieFilm #beautifuldarkness #NJFilmScene #NJFilmmakers #NJFilmCommunity #NJFilmMaking #njhorror #horrorshorts

AGORA Concept Clip 02

Are you looking for something? A story perhaps? Imagine stepping into a universe that for thousands of years, has been ingrained into the human psyche. A story so old it was considered ancient history over 6000 years ago. A Universe shrouded in mythical heroes and villains, quests and condemnation.

Sloane and the Cosmic Schlep

Intergalactic taxi driver Sloane takes a fun-loving fare to a planet supposedly having the most epic party…only to find everyone drained of life! Since it’s the big Peace Day celebration back home, she finds herself in a race against time to save her friends...and the entire planet...from the evil party energy sucking scourge of the galaxy.

The Ambassador: At Ras'alhague, Chapter 3 : Five Become One - Part 1

Reading from my story, The Ambassador: At Ras'alhague, Book 2 Chapter 3 : Five Become One - Part 1 (scifi, martial arts, wuxia, hopepunk)

Pitch 2023 01 26 09 39 03

My request for helpers to bring my story, THE AMBASSADOR, to life. In his 1977, rock-and-roll classic, “Running on Empty” Jackson Browne sang “Everywhere I go, people need some reason to believe.... If I can get you to smile before I leave.” That’s what my story does. Gives people a reason to believe and makes them smile. Good friends, good food, good times, and some bad guys in our Local Neighborhood. Jacqueline Chan and the Little Rascals meet Andy Taylor in Space. You smiled. Pretty sure you did. We want a reason to believe. So many of us these days are running on empty. Tomorrow is so close and so far away. The world is on the brink of change and we don’t know what it is. We’d like a little less tension and anxiety. Crying is okay, but we’d like to smile maybe a little more. We want heroes who could be us. We want something familiar and comforting to hold on to. Something that we can relate to. Something that isn’t about everything and everyone being broken. My story has elements that people will recognize and smile about. It’s normal, mostly. It’s new and fresh and old and full of all sorts of hooks and turns. It’s not the same and it is exactly the same. It will make you smile, cry a little, and smile again. My story is pot roast, mashed potatoes, and green beans on Sunday with cherry pie if you like. It’s realistic and grounded. It’s a comfortable adventure. It’s not too demanding. It’s got interesting hooks. Always another secret to be revealed. It crosses generations and cultures, East and West.

StoryB1C1 2023 01 26 13 28 05

The author reading from her work, The Ambassador, a science-fiction, martial arts, hopepunk story. THE AMBASSADOR is a low-concept sci-fi series that follows the adventures of Micha Lawrence and her team, her old friends, the crew of her starship, and a new generation. The story is part mystic seeker martial arts adventure, part space opera, and part family sit-com. It’s not about ‘the one.’ It’s about five plus five plus five and more.
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