The Stage 32 Videos: Concept

My first Casting

I did this pitch film about my project for our SeednSpark campaign. That was fun to make.

82 60 83 short film Pitch Video Seed n Spark

Hello friends, I want to share our first crowdfunding campaign. This is a proof-of-concept short film for a feature film of the same name. The idea for this short came up in a conversation with Jason Mirch here at Stage32 who suggested making a proof-of-concept film to help sell the feature project and show my ability as a director. The screenplay for the feature film took 4 years to be written, including research, interviews and re-writings. The short is an excerpt from the feature with a few more scenes. While writing the script for the short film, I managed to assemble the cast with several talented actresses. As the pandemic hit everyone, we took the opportunity to improve the script with zoom readings. We are already working on the pre-production of the film and as soon as we have the green light we will be ready to shoot. The reason for bringing the cast to the project at the beginning is precisely to have more time with the preparation of the characters, as this is a film that depends a lot on the acting of the actresses. This dream is very close to happen now. I am nervous, worried, anxious, afraid and everything else you can imagine. This is a huge challenge, the people at Seed n Spark helped a lot and I want to thank the entire Stage32 team that made me believe in this project. Here is the campaign Thank you! Luciano Mello

The Extraordinary World of Cecily Blinkstop

The Extraordinary World of Cecily Blinkstop, written and directed by Jennifer Potts, is a 17-minute short based on the feature-length script by the same name. Cecily…

**Multi-Award Winning** Horror Short 2020 - Night Owls - Noctámbulos

Winner of 15 International Awards, including 'Best Foreign Language Short' at the Hollywood Horrorfest 2019 (Los Angeles, USA). More than 100 Official Selections, including: Panic Fest 2020 (USA), HorrorHound 2019 (USA), Macabro Film Fest 2019 (Mexico), Texas Frightmare Weekend 2019 (USA), Razor Reel Flanders 2019 (Belgium), Horror-on-Sea 2020 (UK), Atlanta Horror Film Festival 2019 (USA), Monster Fest 2019 (Australia). Night Owls (Noctambulos) is a "one-man crew" short film, shot with $500 budget and DSLR camera, in Gran Canaria (Canary Islands, Spain). This short is a proof-of-concept for a feature film written by Romén Rivero.

The Ghost-The Ghost

A proof of concept short for the feature film "How We Fought the War". Shot on iPhone 11 Pro Max.

Deliver The Word 2 (2).mp4

The nation's first black Vice President gets framed for the assassination of the sitting President (who is his childhood friend) as part of a coup by extremists. He must prove his innocence, as he struggles to hold off the conspirator's plans and fights for slavery reparations.

Seagull Teaser V3.mp4

Trailer for a short WWII drama in which a mysterious Frenchwoman encounters both aid and suspicion after washing up on the Dover coast.

Plate River- Concept Reel.mp4

The moments that change our lives are the ones we never see coming. This is a Survivor's Story. This is a Love Story.

ORBS POC 2019.mp4

This is a short Proof of Concept for a new comedy called ORBS - Otherworldly Research Society. Let me know what you think. Scripts for the show are available upon request.

Timeshifters teaser

This is the proof of concept for the feature film "Timeshifters" that I am in the process of development.

My First Time - New Teaser for Proof-of-Concept Short Film

A young girl is sent back in time 10,000 years to find and help the young boy who will eventually grow into the scientist who discovers the secret that makes time travel possible. A teaser for a proof-of-concept short film. Please visit
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