The Stage 32 Videos: Psychological

The Reflection

A young man looks into his mirror and sees more than just his reflection.


"You can sometimes find surprising things." Written, produced and directed by Bill Albert Featuring Ashlynn Dale. Videography by Josh Goding

FATIGUE (teaser)

A psychological parallel between a boxer's life in the ring and his relationship with his fiancé. OFFICIAL SELECTION OF THE 2019 NOLA EDGE FILM & LIVE ART FESTIVAL (NEFF) Directed by: Lexx Truss ( Written & Produced by: Josef Maxwell Director of Photography: Sam Mosco ( 1st AC: Matt Miller ( 2nd AC: Brian Brennfleck & Vince Tay Jones Gaffer: Kevin Stiller ( Key Grip: Andy Carazo Editing: Cody Ellis Smith ( Sound Design: Christina Gonzalez ( Boom Op/Mixer: Dillon Kane 1st AD: Chris Cegielski ( Set Dresser: Julia Balayan Starring: Josef Maxwell Allie Pratt Berto Morales Original Song: CB4 - DI'OR ft. Ebangs & MO Produced by J.Watts & Feefa (

THE BASE, concept teaser

Here's a concept teaser of my next project I had to put together for the competition that selected my script.

A Guidebook to Killing Your Ex - Psychological Feature

With the intention of documenting every important detail; a disturbed and lonely man plans to kill his ex-girlfriend within 72 hours only to realize it won’t be as easy as he previously imagined. A GUIDEBOOK TO KILLING YOUR EX is a found footage themed descent into madness that offers a horrific glimpse into the extremes of internet sharing culture. Directed by József Gallai Produced by Elekes Pictures and Rovar Pictures Distributed by Open Sign Films

“Four ‘Characters’ empathizing with the Author”

“I can hear you now – Four ‘Characters’ empathizing with the Author” is the video that works as conceptual introduction to the project “I can hear you now”, the two-year project I am creating for my MA Photography at Falmouth University. Since the whole project wants to be a journey into the interiority of individuals starting from the idea that we are unable to properly communicate our negative emotions, I opted to begin from a video that portrays that lack of communication. The portrayed subjects are non-professional actors, even if two of them had a brief amateur theatrical experience, but I wanted to use a theatre as location and Cinema’s visual language to enhance the dialogue among different forms of art before enhancing the one among people. Each subject doesn’t act a role: I provided them with short monologues they had to translate in their native language or in the language they use in their everyday life and, then, I explained them that those words were about my personal experience only at the beginning of the shooting phase, because I wanted to record their genuine reaction to this information and I wanted to see if they could empathise with me and with that specific moment of my life. Using different languages in order to communicate with me while not being able to communicate among them, they tried or to imagine how I would have react to that specific situation or they interiorised those words providing a personal “interpretation” according to what those monologue moved inside them. We can observe four people communicating and not communicating at the same time: what they can’t tell each other by using words, they can express with their emotions, gestures and facial expressions. They weren’t feeling sympathy for the author, they were empathising with me and, at the same time, the visual choices and the music score perfectly represent who I am and the anxiety I often feel. This video perfectly represent the confusion we experience when we have to find out the interiority of another individual and his “socially unacceptable” negative emotions. © Dayana Marconi 2017. Copyright for this video belongs solely to Dayana Marconi. Written and directed by Dayana Marconi. Videomaker: Alessio Mattia. Film Score: Elena Maro. A special thanks for their participation to: Aliaksandra Bacharova, Elena Maro, Roberto Amisano, Irene Musso. Location: La Casa del Teatro, provided by NIG – Nuove Idee Globali Further information about this video and the project will be available on "I can hear you noe" project's website:


“[ɪˈmaː.ɡoː]” or “Imāgō” is a Latin world with multiple meanings, like image, imitation, representation, ghost, echo, thought, dream, ancestral image and depiction. This video-documentary has an important role in my project “I can hear you now”: it is a starting point and a conclusion at the same time, its aim is to “close a circle”. With an experimental approach, I wanted to generate a dreamlike journey into my mind and my soul, depicting how I perceive, or misperceive, myself, how I see my past and the world. It is a symbolic representation of the process of reliving a trauma, my childhood, my memories, but, at the same time, I tried to symbolically show the sense of liberation from a burden to leave space to a better and unknown future. Suffering is a shared condition and this is represented by a sort of doppelgänger, another woman symbolically sharing some of my experiences, even if in a slightly different way. The visual narration accompanies the interviews released by the Film Composer Elena Maro and the Phychologist and Neuropsychologist Dr Martina Gerbi. The first contributor explained how she collaborated with me and her multiple roles during the whole creation of my project, also showing how my images, a visual representation of the pain of others, can be “translated” in sounds. Dr Gerbi spent some words to explain the relationship between Psychology and Photography, the origins of Art-therapy and the potential of my project and its relation with Mental Health support and investigation. ©Dayana Marconi 2018, Asti/Rome/Los Angeles. Copyright for this video belongs solely to Dayana Marconi. Writtend and directed by Dayana Marconi Photography by Dayana Marconi. English subtitles by Dayana Marconi. Video and editing by Alessio Mattia. Music and sound-design by Elena Maro - Further information about this video and the project will be available on "I can hear you now" project's website: Dayana Marconi Image official website

“I can hear you now – Trailer”

This is the trailer for the project “I can hear you now” created during my MA Photography at Falmouth University. I this work, I am interested in exploring the ways in which photography can be used as a tool for psychological research, investigating the inner world of the portrayed individuals and viewers. In my portraiture and videography, I am particularly interested in the impact who of anxiety disorders and panic attacks. As a sufferer of anxiety disorders, I often feel the urge to scream out in pain but this inner pressure is never expressed. Trauma, negative emotions, bad memories are something we all share and “the scream” becomes a constructive and cathartic act that allows all individuals involved in my research to release them. Our lives are managed by social norms that stigmatise these behaviours and my aim is to create a constructive dialogue around mental health issues that are still considered taboo in our culture. ©Dayana Marconi 2018, Asti/Turin/Rome/Los Angeles. Copyright for this video belongs solely to Dayana Marconi. Writtend and directed by Dayana Marconi Photography by Dayana Marconi. Video by Alessio Mattia & Dayana Marconi. Editing by Alessio Mattia. Sound-design by Elena Maro - Further information about this video and the project will be available on "I can hear you now" project's website: Dayana Marconi Image official website
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