The Stage 32 Videos: Dop

ShortFilm. Relatos de Paz: SALOMÉ (English Sub)

Short Film produced in La Paz, Cesár, Colombia; based upon a story wrote by children of the Compongamos La Paz Project developed by the Desarrollo y Paz program from Cesár, Colombia. The ShortFilm was written, produced, shot and edited in 48 hours. All actors are first time non-experienced children, the same who wrote the story. Cortometraje producido en el Municipio de La Paz, basado en una historia escrita y actuada por Jóvenes del Proyecto Compongamos La Paz del Programa de Desarrollo y Paz del Cesár, producido en 48 horas. Director_JuanMa Casas Producer//Productor_Juan Andres Casas Director of Photography //Director de Fotografía_ JuanMa Casas Musica// Volver a soñar_Lili Anaya EME HACHE_ Chasing Time , Boss Battle_Mystery Mammal, Rider_Nctrnm, Feeling_Borrtex,

Zefred Cinematography demo 2016

A collection of shots from projects I've done as a cinematographer in the past few years, with fun music.

HK ballet, Chen Zhiyao

HK Ballet Company, behind the scenes with principal dancer Chen Zhiyao, part of a feature doc.

Oscar Lam and Hakka Kung Fu

Oscar Lam motion capture session @ Run Run Shaw and his training with Grandmaster Lam Chun-fai.

New Generation Promo - NFF 2018

New Generation program for the Northern Film Festival Promo I DP'd for. Director: Bart Dokter D.O.P: Jaap Ruurd Feitsma CamOp: Jurgen Bakker Drone: Theo Galama Editing: Jurian Gerard Color Grading: Robbert Nieuwenhuis Sound Design: Linze Valk Production: Non Rewind Client: NFF

MR. Productions 'Shaadi' Short Film 2017 | with English Subtitles

Our new short film "Shaadi" directed by Supriya Chekuri. CBFC Rating: 'V/U' Synopsis: Every wedding has a story and every story has a fascinating journey - T...

MR. Productions presents 'Pelli Pusthakam' cover by Niharikha

Our fifth presentation 'Pelli Pusthakam' cover by Niharikha Details: MR. Productions presents 'Pelli Pusthakam' cover by Niharikha sung by Niharikha addition...

2016 Cinematography Reel

A short and sweet look back on my cinematography work from projects shot in 2016.

2017 Cinematography Reel

This year's reel is short and sweet, because a lot of my work was as a gaffer and operator. I'm very proud of what I accomplished when I was behind the design of the visuals on projects this year, though.

Alejo Maglio - DOP reel

Reel de trabajos de dirección de fotografía & camarógrafo en largometrajes documentales & de ficción, series para tv, publicidad y video clips.

Todd Kappelt Cinematography Reel

Todd Kappelt's Cinematography Reel. For more work examples head to
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