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Crime thriller about a professional hired killer who, after committing a brutal murder and is on the run, resorts to kidnapping his main contact in an attempt to escape. The story centres on the relationship between the hired killer and the hostage negotiator.

SURVEILLED (2020) Trailer | Mystery Horror Feature Film

Watch the trailer for Surveilled, a mystery horror movie, based on popular crime novels, starring Gavin Gordon. 🔴 Want to be notified of all the latest indie...

The Flip Side Fundraiser Video.mp4

Our thriller 'The Flip Side', a 100% female film has started its fundraising campaign! To donate, please click The fundraiser video crew Directed & produced by Rosalie Carn Associate Producer: Natalia Albin Conception/editing: Ghislaine Vedel Voice-over artist: Sarah McBrady Soundtrack: Alice Lullaby Photos credits: Rozeta Lami, Carl Westergren, Raphael Neal 2nd Unit Cinematographer: Teodora Yancheva Marketing: Alla Turovskaya, Isabelle Karpinski Starring as themselves: Ghislaine Vedel, Bailey Louis, Rebecca Lyon, Bjorn Daniel, Wendy Parry, Rozeta Lami, Chloe Wade, Rosalie Carn

Call of the Phoenix Revised .mp4

An 800-Year-Old Amulet Holds the Secret – The Legends are Real The ancient magic that has been dormant for centuries will awaken and prove to the world that not all heroes wear capes. Some wear skirts, but only on special occasions. Because, really, let’s face it, how practical would a skirt be when you’re saving the world from the darkest magic known to man? When fourteen-year-old Seraphina Miles is sent to live with her estranged archaeologist father, she has no idea she would be in for the adventure of a lifetime. When she finds a strange amulet hidden in the ruins of Machu Picchu, her boring summer is suddenly filled with a magic beyond her dreams. The amulet leads her to a golden egg in the middle of a burning fire. When the shell breaks, the phoenix hatchling nestled inside imprints on Sera. Their special connection sends her on a quest to find the missing stones which will give her the power to defeat the winged serpent that hides in the shadows. If you love heart racing adventures filled with mystical creatures, magic older than time itself, and heroes that defy conventions, Sera’s story will keep you entertained until the very last page. The Call of the Phoenix is the first book in the Destined Guardian Series. The Destined Guardians Series 1.Call of the Phoenix 2.Rise of the Winged Serpent 3.Path of the Forgotten 4.Land of the Unknown 5.Last of the Chosen 6.Battle of the Ancients


[A film by Robinson Vil] - Sebastien and Otis find themselves in a quandary one fateful night, after finding a man who has been fatally injured in the street. They are mistakenly blamed for his death. Racing against time and facing one impossible challenge after another, Sebastien and Otis must battle supernatural forces and a ruthless Gangster at the same time. Either, they find a way out or pay the ultimate price, death.

RUNAWAY - Episode 1 - Israeli teen thriller TV hit

The first episode of "RUNAWAY", A new TV teen thriller I co-wrote and co-directed. 10 Episodes produced by Dori Media for HOT cable network.

RUN - TV series Teen thriller - TEASER

Created by Tal Goldberg & Ilan Rozeneld. 10 Epsiodes, produced for HOT cable network Dori media A group of friends meets for a fun game night at an escape room, but find out they can't get out without revealing their deepest secrets

Teaser Illusions (thriller)

If everything seems to indicate that you have committed a murder, what would you do? On the run because of a crime she may have committed, a young woman faces conspiracies and betrayals that threaten her life and the lives of those close to her. (French and American version)

Gunpoint Official Trailer (Written & Directed by Jae Sinclair)

Gunpoint is a disturbing thriller about a home invasion of a wealthy family that lives in a small-high end apartment. The family is taken hostage as the inva...

Crossbow Creek Concept Trailer

This is the concept trailer for my award-winning screenplay CROSSBOW CREEK. I am seeking crew and investors to help bring it to life. It takes a village and I am excited to work with the awesome creative talents here. Take a look and give me a shout. Or just connect and tell me what you're up to.


Judy Norton and Dan Guardino co-wrote the screenplay “Tapestry.” Judy Norton will star in the movie. Judy is best known for her role as Mary Ellen Walton on “The Waltons” television series and subsequent Waltons TV movies.
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