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Trailer for the new book by Jordan TateWhite gold In Nairobi, renowned geographer Bradley Riche is violently murdered in the house he shared with his wife He...

Changing Earth Audio Drama

Experience the audio adventure of Erika Moore, TJ Swenson, and Cole Virgis as they are cast into a world torn upside down by rapidly advancing Climate Change.

Victim 16 - Crime Thriller Short Film

After a struggle, the crime syndicate delivered their package... now will he talk? A cinematic short crime thriller with a central male lead acting monologue.

Viewer reviews and press coverage for Alexander Cooper's erotic…

In this video you can see some of the reviews and press coverage for Alexander Cooper's independent erotic thriller film "Parallel" (2016).To see the film on...

It Takes Death to Reach a Star book trailer

Multi-award winning and best selling novel, where Blade Runner meets The Time Machine.

The Passport Movie Trailer

You are what you remember. Somewhere in a big city, a man wakes up in a dark alley with no memory of who he is or how he got there. On a mission to figure out his identity, he discovers truths that were better left forgotten. The Passport is an award-winning 15-minute short action and mystery film about identity and the pursuit to understand who we are. Shot and produced in Shanghai, China. The passport Director: Olivier Hero Dressen Writers : Olivier Hero Dressen & Michael Koltes Starring : Michael Koltes Cinematographer: Jeff Weils Production: Studio Supreme Awards: WINNER ** BEST CINEMATOGRAPHY MACAU FILM FESTIVAL, MACAU, CHINA ​ WINNER ** BEST SHORT HOLLYWOOD FOREVER FILM FESTIVAL, LOS ANGELES, USA ​ WINNER ** BEST SHORT DRAMA TNLIFF 2019, SIDNEY, AUSTRALIA ​ WINNER ** BEST ACTOR CANNES FILM EXPERIENCE CANNES, FRANCE 2019 ​ WINNER ** BEST VFX NIAF 2019, SOUTH AFRICA ​ WINNER ** BEST SCI-FI BEIJING INDIE SHORT FILM FESTIVAL AWARD 2019 ​ WINNER ** BEST THRILLER LOS ANGELES FILM AWARD 2018 WINNER ** BEST PRODUCTION DESIGN LOS ANGELES ASIAN FILM FESTIVAL LOS ANGELES, USA ​ WINNER ** BEST DIRECTOR HOLLYWOOD FOREVER FILM FESTIVAL LOS ANGELES, USA ​ WINNER ** BEST EDITING HOLLYWOOD FOREVER FILM FESTIVAL LOS ANGELES, USA WINNER ** BEST CRIME THRILLER GOLDEN STATE 2019, LOS ANGELES ​ WINNER*BRONZE AWARD, BEST SHORT MINDFIELD 2019, LOS ANGELES ​ WINNER*BEST FOREIGN DIRECTOR LA LIVE FILM FESTIVAL 2019, LOS ANGELES ​ WINNER ** BEST EDITING LOS ANGELES FILM AWARD 2018 LOS ANGELES, USA


She wasn't born a villain, she was made one. To avenge her loss, there is no telling what she might do.


A man confronts his daughter's murderer in hopes of understanding the motive. Written & Directed by Danny Villanueva Jr, Starring J. Anthony Ramos as Papa Or...


PASSWORD: 99 This is a proof of concept my team and I shot. The


A killing spree has shocked the entire city. A mysterious man, with a blood stained shirt is sitting in the police station, without saying a word. The police psychologist and a police officer don’t have much time to get behind the secret of this bloody deed.


For Murder, thought it have no tongue, will speak with most miraculous organ...

The Corpse Is Alive

Buried alive with a cell phone and a gun with a single bullet. #ShortFilm #TheCorpseIsAlive #Horror We made this short film to participate in 'The Germ' Film...
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