The Stage 32 Videos: Thriller

Triangle_THF (Extract).mp4

After a vicious assault leaves her scarred for life, a young woman decides to assume a new identity and exact revenge on her unsuspecting attackers. Just heard that my short film won an award as the best short film in a festival.

Opening Credits - The Apocalypse Box (2024)

Opening credits featuring the original score by Brian L.H. Gunter for “The Apocalypse Box”. A feature film from Amber Pictures, written and directed by Jim Eaves.

Ghost Echelon - Concept Trailer

Lone operative code-named "Ghost" (Tyler Cole) is smuggled into a city under lockdown as a lifeless corpse. After resurrecting with electric shocks and adrenaline shots, it's up to Ghost to uncover a dark conspiracy within the quarantine zone! "UNCOVER THE CONSPIRACY" Espionage and science fiction crash together in Ghost Echelon!

THE UNINVITED GUESTS ( Original series) Season 2

The number one series in Latvian streaming. Now also available for license worldwide. I offered for Netflix, as it was my biggest dream to get there, but got rejection, as they are not licensing content from Baltic states (small region, small market), but they mentioned that series are at a great production level. So I lost hope at the beginning, but now I have decided maybe I will try one more time to contact them, till they are so tired from me that they will licence our series just to get rid of me :):) Basically, never give up, despite rejection. This is about me, for sure.

Dine and Die Announcement Teaser

Sunday is Trailer Time. Finally after 4 Years in the making, I can finally share our passion project, Dine and Die, an Action Crime Comedy with the world

Tommy Lee Must Die -Short Film.mp4

Short. - An armed 22-year-old Abilene, Texas dollar-store employee steals her boss’s car, and gives chase to a 46-year-old scumbag fleeing west on I-20 with her 16-year-old sister.


Stormy and Nokosee's first meeting in the burning Everglades.

"Hemisphere" 30-sec Trailer

The indie scifi thriller HEMISPHERE is now available on Amazon Prime and Google Play. Rent or buy today.

Fortunate Son (A Concept Trailer)

"Inspired by harrowing true events, sixteen-year-old Grayson Goodman, an unlikely hero fueled by an insatiable thirst for justice, after witnessing the assault of his close friend, embarks on a perilous journey, risking it all to unravel a deadly web of secrets, where his survival hinges on exposing the truth in this suspenseful coming-of-age thriller."


US drama Self Test - Broadcast show

Undoubted (Proof Of Concept)

This Quiet, alluring community has a past. Marcus is in a happy relationship, back on his feet and stress free. That is, until the recent attempted murder of his Grandmother. Marcus sets out to discover the truth about her treacherous past and it's link to the city's growing number of abducted girls. It is a complex story of how one man is dragged into the world of crime due to the sins of his family members. To his surprise, Marcus's life has turned into a horrific nightmare. Community members suspect the reasoning behind his grandmothers attempted murdered is tied to her past life. Recent discoveries leaves Marcus with some startling questions about her previous line of work and he sets off to find answers. At first the community is considerate and understanding. However, after he is slowly exposed to the truth, Marcus soon finds himself drawn into a web of deceit. Can Marcus accept the undeniable truth and uncover past secrets of his family and the community before it’s too late, or will his demise come at the hands of an unsuspected loved one.

The Ghost In The Crater Table Of Contents

Chapter 1: Night in the Grove Chapter 2: The Argument Chapter 3: The Violent Confrontation Chapter 4: Panic and Desperation Chapter 5: A Grave Decision Chapter 6: A Struggle for Survival Chapter 7: Emma's Visions Chapter 8: Unveiling the Truth Chapter 9: Facing the Darkness Chapter 10: The Quest for Justice Chapter 11: Closure and Redemption Chapter 12: Echoes of the Grove
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