The Stage 32 Videos: Feature

SERPENT'S FLOCK pitch video

Serpent's Flock (supernatural horror spec, 92 pgs,) There are only two types of snakes. Venomous and constricting. What if there was a third type, that was invisible and ate souls? (Contains: child/infant death, religious symbolism)

FADEAWAY GIRLS pitch video

Fadeaway Girls (vampire horror, 95 pgs) Little girls are allegedly sugar and spice and everything nice, but what if they were immortal, had superpowers and craved blood? Contains: blood, acts of violence committed by children,


Cravings of the Youth (horror spec, 92 pgs) An upset stomach will have you questioning everything you've ever eaten. What if that upset was caused by something you ate 20 years ago? What if that something was human flesh? Contains: witchcraft, cannibalism, vomiting, gore, attempted suicide, emotional abuse of a minor)

BETRAYED BY EDEN pitch video

"Betrayed By Eden" (supernatural horror spec, 90 pgs) Fresh fruit is supposed to help us live longer, but what if it made you die faster and rot from the inside out? (Contains: vomiting, gruesome deaths, child deaths, medical distress, animal cruelty, religious symbolism, sexual imagery, suicide)


A select scene

White Boy Brown2010

White Boy Brown Written/Directed by Sean JStarring Judah Martin and Damyir ShufordOriginal Music by Emmy Award winner John Wineglass, Farayi Moore and Maya C...

FINLANDIA (official trailer)

An earthquake releases the emotions of a community. Muxes fight for the recognition of their gender as one more in society, while fighting their own passions, traumas and hidden feelings. Delirio is the leader who will guide this community towards the discovery of themselves. Mariano and Amaranta find themselves under a black avalanche of suffering that clouds their way to freedom. A journey that transforms the life of a designer. Her way of appreciating reality and her internal vision of herself changes when she begins to live with the inhabitants of this part of society, managing to discover the origin of her torment.

Director's reel 2020

With 4 independent feature films directed from 2013 to 2021 and some other works. Always ready to collaborate and take on new challenges again and again... :)

Rise Of The Tarragon

Indie action film "Rise Of The Tarragon' starring Jensen Atwood, Carmen Electra, Mark Lawrence Jacobs, Marina Mazepa, and Vernon Davis. Introducing the Afghan Bruce Lee Abbas Alizada. Directed by sister of IP Man franchise Donnie Yen Chris Yen and Stunt Coordinator of Blade 2 John Salvitti. VFX Supervisor Producer Rich Thorne (X-Men, X- Men 2, Planet Of The Apes, I, Robot, Fantastic Four, etc.) We are in need of investors to complete this fantastic project.

Wu Lin The Society | Trailer 2 | Anamorphic 4K

In the future... Revenge has no limit...Set in the year 2050 when pollution, and viruses are rampant and people need to wear masks to be able to breath easy....


Short Film “The Corner” 2021
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