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How to get your film on Netflix

Maybe you’ve finished your movie. Maybe you’re just thinking about it. Either way, the new series Demystified, produced by StudioFest and presented by MovieMaker, is here to answer all the questions no one else will about how to sell your film.

Submit Your — Films, Documentaries, Series

Let's face it — thousands of films will not get distribution on Netflix or Hulu. Now Tubi TV and Amazon Prime are starting to increase their restrictions. Consider Popcorn Trailer as your option for distribution. Popcorn Trailer is a start-up ad video on demand platform (AVOD) similar to Tubi TV.⁣⁣⁣⁣ We accept feature films, short films, series, and documentaries on our streaming platform on a non-exclusive basis.⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣ We have an increasing network of in-stream video advertising partners already from Google, Verizon, to Spotx. Showcase your content on Popcorn Trailer and also participate in a revenue share based on video streams.⁣ If you only want to feature your work for appreciation we can do that as well.⁣
We also offer distribution options to third party (AVOD) platforms Tubi TV, Xumo, & Amazon Prime — at no upfront cost to you. We fully disclose all of our third party submission and processing fees in our FAQ section. If your package is ready we can leverage our relationship to distribute your film on these major platforms. We curate and hand select our titles based on presentation quality.
Interested in joining our catalog of films? Submit only your best work for consideration at

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Vyre Network is now helping Indy Filmmakers get the distribution…

While we are all staying in, is here to help and now looking at all fight footage, shows, documentary’s, music videos, sport shows, exe, you might be looking to air, come and join the Vyre Network team and get your shows seen, we can also offer you your own fight Chanel, if interested please email me at for more info. Check out our Spring 2020 Promo Trailer Vyre Network for new shows and movies!! @vyrenetwork Vyre Network

Vyre Network Spring 2020 Promo Trailer

Our new spring line up of films, documentary’s, shorts and more. We are the Indy film makers one stop shop for distribution, for info on how to acquire distribution send me a note.

Vyre Network Spring 2020 Promo Trailer.mp4

Our new spring line up of films, documentary’s, shorts and more. We are the Indy film makers one stop shop for distribution, for info on how to acquire distribution send me a note.

True Media Company partners with Fusion Film Festivals

True Media Company & Fusion Film Festivals Announcement. Originally from Paris, France, Jean-Francois Cavelier has more than 30 years experience in international film sales and distribution. He is known among his peers for his strong communication skills and for his relationship-building ability. He held the position of Domestic & International Distribution Consultant for Comerica Bank (Los Angeles), Liberty International (Los Angeles), Pueblo (Geneva, Switzerland), and Syrena (Warsaw, Poland). He is an astute executive with a strong combination of industry knowledge and cross-cultural experience in motion picture and television content marketing and sales. Cavelier has been active over the past ten years in the acquisition and production of media content in Mainland China and Latin America as well as in the distribution of Hollywood content to the global markets. He acted as a Producer for the biggest budget feature film ever produced in China, “The Bombing” a.k.a. “Air Strike”, a WW2 epic film, negotiating the hiring of Bruce Willis and Mel Gibson respectively as Lead Actor and Co-Director. Recently, Cavelier was the Co-Producer of “Wonders of the Sea”, a feature documentary narrated by Arnold Schwarzenegger and directed by Jean-Michel Cousteau. He is currently involved and has been for the past 18 months in the foreign distribution of a brand new naked-eye 3D cell phone called ROKiT. He is active in the protection of the environment and marine sustainability thru the documentary films he represents. He also leads his Consulting boutique, The True Media Company. Cavelier has also lectured on a regular basis to film makers and producers about the business of film and television distribution – a topic most of them do not know about.

The Bookkeepers - Break, Break, Break (2019)

Music Video. The nostalgia of the day-to-day of the fishing community.

Soap Bedtime Stories (2019)

Short Documentary Mobile. Each soap tells a story! These are some life stories of Castelbel, a small Portuguese company which was born with great ambitions and now annually packs by hand over 5 million soaps for all over the world.

Alfaião (2016)

Short documentary. In the countryside painted in white by the frost, the birds sing while entrapping the hunter who warms himself in the early sunlight. In the fireplace, the wood crackles in the fire and warms the elderly who are making siesta in company of their cat. We are in the village, where there it is always too hot despite the cold weather and the rain once in a while. This village is Alfaião.

Careful (2016)

One Minute. On a beautiful summer day, the sun shines in its entire splendor and the river water runs slowly in the direction the sea. Beside the river, an elderly woman runs and stumbles on a cane that causes her downfall. So, we tell the story of the fall of an elderly woman caused by a cane.

The Barber Guitarist (2015)

Short documentary. A common barber of Padrão da Légua (Oporto) but prodigious in Fado has become one of the greatest names in Portuguese guitar history.

Welcome to Common Era Films - A Film Distribution Company

Common Era Films was founded in Summer of 2017 to serve the needs of filmmakers around the world. In the world of Digital Streaming, the ability for a filmmaker bring their content to market in a simple and expedient way is paramount to having a competitive edge. Common Era films distributes content to over 15 platforms and 4 countries around the world, all dealing with non theatrical distribution.
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