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COSMOS (2019) - 'Out Now' Promo - BMPCC Feature Film

About a year ago I put up a post about an indie movie I'd just produced and directed with my brother called COSMOS. Well, after being acquired by Gravitas Ventures, Premiering in Hollywood and having a short theatrical run, I'm thrilled to say it is now available to watch on most On Demand platforms. I've included a couple links below for anyone interested in checking out the film. Thanks for all your support and interest, I'm continually blown away by how amazing this community is. Cheers, Zander x iTunes: Amazon (US/UK) GooglePlay: Vimeo (Worldwide):

Light In The Sky - Trailer

Trailer for sci-fi short

Laura Curado - Fight Against The Tide (AB Negative Soundtrack)

Songwriter, composer : Laura Curado Arranger, composer : Rallo Myz Vocal engineer, mixing engineer : Recording Studio 104, Label : Crealabs Lyrics : I was lo...

Conflict - The KINGDOM

This brief clip shows a bad guy Brenda Jo in this futuristic flick of the war between good & evil. Check out the gal in the helmet & shades...that's me. Don't mess with me! I will take you down. lol This flick is still in production but should be out in 2020. Windsong Pictures.

Trailer Mamma Dorme Short Film (Mommy's sleeping)

***Coming soon*** Mamma Dorme (Mommy's sleeping) Short Film Italy/Germany Length 12 Minutes Freely inspired by "La memoria nel corpo" by Antonella Sica Credits: Written and Directed by Daniela Lucato Photography Jacopo Pantaleoni Sound Editing/Mixing Federico Milanesi Boomer Lorenzo Bonarini, Francesco Cremonesi Musica Sergio Marchesini, Francesco Ganassin Graphic Designer Marco Piuri Cast Maria Grazia Mandruzzato Matilde Cremonese Emanuele Piovene Lucia Viola Zampieri

"Lunatic Moon" scenes from the film "Iris In" (the rough cut)

Robert James Fuller "Lunatic Moon" from the CD "Headless Body Found in Topless Bar". With Richard Cranor.

Safe Inside - Trailer directed by Jason Paul Collum

Spending the night alone in his dead mother's home while recovering from a nervous breakdown proves delusuional for a man, believing something is inside with...

October Moon 2: November Son trailer directed by Jason Paul Collum

Trailer for OCTOBER MOON 2: NOVEMBER SON, a psychological horror sequel to OCTOBER MOON (both titles available from Tempe Video). A handsome young gay man (S...

October Moon trailer directed by Jason Paul Collum

Trailer for OCTOBER MOON (2005), among the first gay-themed horror films, in the vein of Fatal Attraction. A story of obsession and psychological horror. Sta...

Screaming In High Heels (2012) - Official Trailer - Horror Movies HD

The "Boogie Nights" of the horror movies industry has finally arrived! We are so bloody excited to feature this trailer for "Screaming in High Heels" which c...

I Collum As I See Em My Camcorder to Digital Career (2017)…

Documentary follows the career of indie B-horror filmmaker/journalist Jason Paul Collum (OCTOBER MOON, SCREAMING IN HIGH HEELS). Covers his high school camco...

Well Isn't That Queer?: Making of OCTOBER MOON

10 minute making-of documentary for OCTOBER MOON (one of the first gay-themed thrillers), features interview with writer/director Jason Paul Collum.
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