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Pitch Clones.mp4

Pitch Clones

pitch Facial Recognition.mp4

Pitch Facial Recognition

The 4th Dimension

Short film about love and destiny... Premiered at the London BFI Film Festival. Nominated for best cinematography at the Salon International de la Luz. Official Competition at the Cornwall Film Festival. Award of Merit at the IndieFest Awards.

S.T.A.Y// Shortfilm

Hi! This is the last short film i made. No budget and a crew of 2 guys, my brother as an actor and myself doing everything else. Thank you if you take the time to watch it, and i really appreciate any commentary. Peace

IOTD Video Pitch.mp4

In this video, I promote my screenplay "Icon of the Defender", based on my eponymous 3-part novel (this pitch only covers Part 1, which is a self-contained story, whereas Parts 2 and 3 are a sequel split in half). The log line and synopsis can be viewed on my profile.

The Anuk Chronicles

Amateurish production

Light In The Sky - Trailer

Trailer for sci-fi short

Displacement Trailer

Franklin Simms, a DARPA researcher. Steals the plans of a time device and is captured by his Multi-Verse counterpart. The two of them jump from universe to universe, setting off a chain reaction that causes Frank to question his existence.

Terminator Dark Fate REVIEW

Oh boy... she brings up a great point @ > 2:30 and on... and one that I agree with... (regarding the new villain terminator)

Episode 1: Project Saturn

Earth is not the planet we once knew. We have to escape! Subscribe for new episodes: More info on

Over the Horizon

"Over the Horizon" will be released soon and synch licenses will be available :)

Three Mirrors Creature's Flashes of Flesh | Trailer

Three Mirrors Creature's Flashes of Flesh | Trailer | Once you see the flashes, flesh doesn't matter anymore | Blindly dances Dangel Fox on her death-routine...
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