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Age of Prophecy Characters - Lord Andor

Age of Prophecy Characters - Lord Andor, highlights one major character in the story/screenplay. Arrogant, ambitious, sinister...such were the parting words of...

Age of Prophecy Characters - Els'beth

Age of Prophecy Characters - Els'beth, highlights one major character in the story/screenplay. Please like and share our videos. Your help in spreading the w...

twenty twenty Trailer

Dave Slade (Nicholas M. Garofolo) faces a myriad of and external struggles in trying to figure out what's real or surreal. He encounters the threatening pres...

THE BLACK ROSE OF KUSH- Long Sizzle concept Reel

The Black Rose of Kush is a series of Mystical Gullah-Geechee tales.C.W., Skeeta and Divine find themselves on a mystical adventure solving ancient mysteries...

The Black Rose of Kush a Gullah Geechee foklore preserved #sizzlereel

The Black Rose of Kush is a series of Mystical Gullah-Geechee tales. C.W., Skeeta and Divine find themselves on a mystical adventure solving ancient mysteries and fighting an ancient Illuminati war. They learn that they are much more than street thugs as they discover their sacred truth of who they are and the truth of the 7 Golden Queens. Viewers will journey with them through time to see how urban fiction meets consciousness to reveal the metaphysical lessons of Love, Life, Light and Liberation. The keys that link Rastafari, Hebrew Israelites, Moor, Khemetic, Christianity and Islam, into One Truth, One Blood. This series allows one to journey through time on a voyage of love, spanning from ancient days to modern urban times. As the hidden science of melanin, third-eye and many other ancient truths are discovered as our main characters C.W. and Skeeta learn there is more to their lives than what meets the eye. The story that ends racism on earth.

2022 TEASER VIDEO 4.m4v

Three Love Stories set in a small American town facing a global threat from hostile aliens plotting to enslave Planet Earth. The protagonist, Allison, speaks to the viewer to explain the situation.

The Box in the Basement on Amazon March 11

The Box in the Basement on Amazon March 11Available to own/purchase and to rent on AMAZON.COM the much anticipated sci-fi, emotionally driven, powerful film ...

The Ferryman

While on his long journey home, haunted by the life he abandoned in order to support his family, the Ferryman is violently warped to a mysterious, ancient world. He must now face the ultimate test: succumb to the darkness that invades his mind or continue to fight to honor those he loves, even if triumph comes at a price. This short film is inspired by pulp comics & 70’s sci-fi. Credits: Directed by: Nick Losq Produced by: Lloyd D’Souza & Nevin Millan Technical Director: Christopher Clyne Starring: Nevin Millan Anna Trebunskaya And introducing Amalya Millan Cinematography: Kevin Gosselin Edited by: Nick Losq Sound Design by: Nevin Millan

The Box in the Basement Trailer B2 Spring 2020 Release

The Box in the Basement Trailer B2 Spring 2020 Release Splash Designworks - Crystal Fox Films - Proud to present: The Box in the Basement: Avery’s life sucks. With the passing of her brother Aiden, bullies at school, parents arguing, teacher on her case, lack of good friends, only her best friend Amy, Roberto, and escaping reality seems to help ease the pain. Until she learns about a box in the basement she’s not supposed to know about; and a cube within that box that has the power to transport her to her own future. And when through a vision she sees her future, it looks AMAZING. So what would stop her from teleporting to it? But Avery must make the right choice, and she’s not sure if that’s the best choice to make? Some choices are not easy choices, and Avery will need to make the right one - not only for herself, but for all the people in her life she knows and cares about. A sci-fi film dealing with life-impacting, relevant topics such as bullying, teen suicide, honesty, making choices, parent and teen relationships, teen responsibility and more. “The doors we open and close each day decide the lives we live.” -Flora Whittemore THE BOX IN THE BASEMENT - Currently over 15 Film Festival Trailer AWARDS A Film by Mike Fox Starring Arianna Fox, Kathy Sanders, Raymond Ritzau, Emma Li, Isai Matias, Nicole Biello, London & Madison Phillips, Gary Tucker, with special appearance by Cavanaugh Bell & Llacey Simmons of Cool & Dope & More! A sci-fi film including such topics as bullying, parent-teen relationships, family, teen responsibility, teen suicide & most of all, hope. We welcome investors and partners to hop on board asap!

The Box in the Basement Premiere clips

clips from the sold out premiere for The Box in the Basement Feature film by Mike Fox -

Out of Here (Short sci-fi movie)

Hi, guys! I want to share with you my new short sci-fi movie. It was inspired by "Love, Death, and Robots" by Netflix and produced in collaboration...

Trailer for the film "Collab"

A rapper named Signal enters The Lair for the millionth time in order to showcase his new verse to his rap partner Slim. They have a goal and a deadline, but this short stint of lyrical show and tell ends in failure. Slim knows better than Signal how dire the situation is: the placement of their song has the power to change a horrible future.
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